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Lie free membership: 2/4/2015 03:51:13

Level 54
Teemee123 should have won if you decided to end the thread

"Congrats to Lucid Dreamer! Because he is too lazy to read the instructions, and keeps on spamming this thread, no membership or clan will be given out!!! Three cheers for lucid dreamer!"

^ Throwing a distraction so you can run away? Tisk tisk tisk

Edited 2/4/2015 04:02:51
Lie free membership: 2/4/2015 16:34:58

Level 60
The main problem was that he had no such rule (each player can only post once) in the original post (before the edit), and because many people only hit Jump to Last page, the result was naturally many post by many of the same people.
A better thing then to edit the original post would have been to start a new one, and ending the old.

P.S this is the thread https://www.warlight.net/Forum/71144-last-post-wins-free-membership

Edited 2/4/2015 16:36:40
Lie free membership: 2/5/2015 00:50:07

Muten Rōshi
Level 58
you can only post once. that was the rule
Lie free membership: 2/5/2015 05:19:27

Level 51
this was not a lie, i just got annoyed by the spammers (MAINLY YOU), who didnt bother to read the rules and turned a challenge into a spamathon
Lie free membership: 2/5/2015 05:56:29

Ryan Doherty
Level 58
The rules don't say that there won't be a winner. The rules say that users are disqualified if they post more than once. That means that spamming users are disqualified, not the contest/prize being disqualified.

Seahawks, since you are obviously annoyed by spammers, you are leading us to believe that you purposely chose to close the challenge when the last post was made by a spammer. You had full control over the day/time that you end the challenge. Unless you have evidence of you picking the end date/time in advance.
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