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Optional AI play.: 1/6/2015 22:47:15

Level 59
Sometimes you have to go unexpectedly.
But you are winning the game, and the asshole opponent dont wanna surrender.
(like this https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=7794173)

Maybe it would be nice if you have the option of let AI take control, and keep playing for you.
Optional AI play.: 1/6/2015 22:54:41

Level 66
it's already possible by enabling "surrendered players turn to AI" and disabling "AI surrender when one human remain".
I think that allowing players to switch to AI regardless of settings could be exploited by trolls far to easily.
Optional AI play.: 1/6/2015 22:57:15

Level 51

Edited 1/7/2015 05:02:14
Optional AI play.: 1/7/2015 01:11:31

Level 60
^ Nope, one of the AI actually surrender. Which one is random.
This prevents the Server from having Infinet games, (aka Duel map AI v.s AI)
Optional AI play.: 1/7/2015 02:25:20

Level 59
yes, like TBest said... if remains only AIs, they will surrender...
should be a "forced" AI... that never surrender, and always accept opponent surrender...
maybe with a level of "surrenderness" ... if your opponent has twice your bonus, and have more armies on table, AI will surrender.... something like that...
Optional AI play.: 1/7/2015 19:02:27

Level 58
Actually both TBest and Shatter (before his edit) are correct.
If it is only AIs left alive in a multiplayer game they will vote to end.
However in some games (tournament games and ladder) you cannot vote to end-> Warlight chose a random winner.
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