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Last thing to Unlock - Membership !: 8/12/2013 07:20:31

Andrew sussan
Level 2
This may sound ___ to some folks.
looks ________ to me.

why it should be ? : Because its the biggest and the last thing comes to mind , that can be Unlocked as we all know there are not too much things present on warlight that can be unlocked and fizzer is not a god that gonna find something new everytime that fits with warlight system ,like "local deployment" (there is an end to the Updates-despite of the Uservoice and except UI+bugs updates).(note: this level prized membership most probably should not Deactivate Ads)
why it should not be ? : why it should not be ?
some ____ folks say : "Maybe Fizzer could limit the max level for non members"

why it should be ? : why it should be ?
why it should not be ? : Because the ads really obstructs the Games and thinking process (Black theme of warlight is the main reason for the Contrast), and levels is the only thing keeping most of the non-members keeping their grids on playing games.
some wise people know that without the existence of good number of non-mem, Warlight can come to an end.
besides the fact that Ads are generating money for Warlight 3.0 project!(freut mich)
some wise ____ also say : "Members must have some Advantage over non-members"

why it should be ?: Because they paid 30$ and we must respect it, the problem is members are not getting the fact in their f___k___M minds. the fact is the advantage of not having ads dancing on their screens, they MUST live with this ultimate truth that this is their Advantage ! , if they can not then as someone already said on forums "sell your account in 10$ and be happy", if they can not choose anything between these options as they feel cheated in way that their 30$ got wasted as they buyed mem before 2.0, then the only option is to keep trolling on forums like some members already doing , for instance General arun(crying about the new system as soon as he get that chance)
why it should not be ?:why it should not be?
some _____ trolls also gonna troll on this thread, which may include members.
why they should be ? : Because its their work, we must respect it.
why they should not be ?: why they should not be ?
(you may fill in the blanks with some super abusive words-whatsoever comes into your ____ mind)
good game. haha
Last thing to Unlock - Membership !: 8/12/2013 08:32:18

Level 58
coming from someone whos changed more names than played games.

Last thing to Unlock - Membership !: 8/12/2013 09:16:13

Level 58
Please make sense next time, your message is really badly written.

Also why would someone get something for free when others are willing to pay $30? It makes no sense for business, you guys have enough already after the 2.0 update.

Non members used to be able to do this:
-Make 6 player games
-Only use 75% luck
-Not make any tournaments
-Have no ads

Now non-members are allowed to:
-Make up to 40 player games if they level up enough
-Use 16-100% luck (might extend to 0% as well)
-Make tournaments
-have ads

STOP COMPLAINING, you don't need every single thing on this site for free, does Apple give people all aps for free on their devices because there are ads? <-- Doesn't make sense, it is the same with warlight.
Last thing to Unlock - Membership !: 8/12/2013 09:18:07

Level 58
blankety blank, blankety blank, blankety blank
Last thing to Unlock - Membership !: 8/12/2013 10:50:35

[WM] ᵀᴴᴱ𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓭𝓰𝓮 
Level 59
Suddenly - a whale in a sombrero swims by...

Last thing to Unlock - Membership !: 8/12/2013 16:55:08

[UN] The M.A.N. 
Level 43
Ok so the leveling system was obviously put in with good intentions, but what it seems to have created is just a bunch of games on the duel map. Also why not give the people the option to do anything instead of limiting them. I mean Frizzer cut the number of players in games a new member can make from 24 to 20. Why not get everything when you pay?
Last thing to Unlock - Membership !: 8/13/2013 02:47:28

Level 57
@UN the man: It makes levels pointless?

Let's just wait and see, I think Fizzer is smart enough to know that members want/deserve features that non-members shouldn't have access to unless they also purchase a membership. Have a little faith people :P
Last thing to Unlock - Membership !: 8/13/2013 13:14:56

Level 56
Ladders are also still member-only (unless I missed something?). Plus, I didn't pay for membership to have an advantage, I paid to support Fizzer and this game. But I can see why members are upset. They paid for something that was supposed to be exclusive, and then a lot of the exclusivity was taken away, but that's well within Fizzer's rights, and I just think it will take a little time for members to get used to the new differences, just as all of the non-members freaked out and complained (right up until 2.0) about how they lost things and how membership is unfair and overpriced. I do think that in the future there should be more member-only features such as new options added in for making games or being able to create a clan (if/when there's an official system for this).
Last thing to Unlock - Membership !: 8/13/2013 15:27:03

Level 58
Ladders (and ladder forum!) is member only.

As for what fizzer does, it`s his choice and I`m sure that he`ve a plan :)
Last thing to Unlock - Membership !: 8/13/2013 16:31:28

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
gotta love how as soon as fizzer gives non-members a lot of advantages for free people start complaining :)
Last thing to Unlock - Membership !: 8/13/2013 20:28:28

Level 60
^exactly. They were just given a ton of additional content and that isn't good enough.

All that will do is encourage more farming anyway.
Last thing to Unlock - Membership !: 8/13/2013 23:30:13

Level 54
This is kind of stuff that makes me want to name my children Ickabob , Julia , and Carlos.
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