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Clan League Animation Poll: 12/3/2022 09:40:42

Samurai Jack 
Level 55
Watch video for animations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmC7s4zA1us

Plan is to use these for upcoming Clan League 16 updates in 2023.

Vote on the forum post for your favorite:
1. Flag
2. Fire
3. Circle
4. Square

Winning format will be used for all Clan League announcements
Clan League Animation Poll: 12/3/2022 10:36:19

Leia - Princess of Coinwheels 
Level 60
whow Samurai Jack, nice animations!

can't choose yet.

for updates I think I really like the square animation. for final rewards I think I prefer the flags. you can put them on a 2-1-3 podium like in Olympics 😅?

thanks for using our logo as an example 😊
Clan League Animation Poll: 12/3/2022 11:01:24

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
I like the circle and fire animation. 2 and 3

But I also like FFC ;P

Edited 12/3/2022 11:03:33
Clan League Animation Poll: 12/3/2022 14:08:50

Level 60
All are cool. Fire circle is my favorite.
Clan League Animation Poll: 12/3/2022 16:29:22

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
Fire circle for sure. If you're covering Clan League I'd be down to help you.
Clan League Animation Poll: 12/3/2022 16:34:56

Level 63

Fire is more a thing for announcing winners, but a bit too distracting with the particles looping the entire time to be the used all over the place.
Clan League Animation Poll: 12/3/2022 16:59:51

Level 60
I actually liked the flag more.

It is not that flashy and showing off, so it allows for large clear informational text on screen.
And it also does not impose a minimal time limit, because you dont need to wait for the animation to finish. (The fire ring takes 8 seconds from start to completion, i got impatient already during the first time I was watiching it)

Edited 12/3/2022 17:04:58
Clan League Animation Poll: 12/3/2022 17:02:27

Samek ●
Level 57
They are all really heckin cool! Hard to pick but I'm going with 1 and 4. ●
Clan League Animation Poll: 12/3/2022 18:52:52

🤔Grandpa Richard🇨🇦💣 
Level 63
no Brainer,1st one with the circle, by a mile.. love the effects inside the circle..
Clan League Animation Poll: 12/6/2022 13:09:23

Level 60
1. The flag, simple but very effective.
2. I love the font and aesthetic of the fire one, but I agree with others that the whizzing sparks are a bit distracting.
3. The square, very cool, but also a lot going on.
4. Circle. A more normal circle I would like, but the twirly helix bits don't really do it for me, feels like a cast-aside design for an elvish crown, not a widely applicable shape to announce WZ clans...

Love the looks though, and I'm very keen to see it in use in CL!
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