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@Fizzer, multi-account clarification.: 12/7/2014 19:40:24

Level 56
I've looked and only found vague references to how these are handled going forward. I, and I'm sure a few others, would like some clarification:

1 - Are multi accounts allowed at all?
2 - Can you play on someone else's account if they've participated in coin games but are not currently doing so?
3 - If you have 2 accounts, can you still use both as long as coin games are only played on one account?
4 - On alt accounts, should we chose "under 18" to avoid possible scrutiny/discipline?
5 - Can alt accounts play in coin games as long as they're never against/with your main account?

I'm just looking for some clarification so myself and others don't unknowingly walk into punishment without meaning to break any rules.
@Fizzer, multi-account clarification.: 12/7/2014 20:46:03

Level 56
13.A.(ix) "opening and/or using multiple Accounts"; can result in account deletion as per 28.F

Please Fizzer, make sure that this wording is changed to only include using multiple Coin Accounts or multiple accounts in the same game.
@Fizzer, multi-account clarification.: 12/8/2014 09:43:25

[WM] ᵀᴴᴱ𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓭𝓰𝓮 
Level 59
As far as I understand it:

13A ... Unacceptable uses and behavior that is deemed unacceptable include, without limitation: ... (iv) creating a false identity or otherwise attempting to mislead any person as to the identity or origin of any communication; (v) purposely entering faulty, misleading, incorrect, or incomplete information; ...(ix) opening and/or using multiple Accounts

under those points i'd say - no, alt accounts are not allowed at all unless ToS are gonna get further clarified/changed. Furthermore - ix forbids you to even move for your friend if he's on vacation.. If you can understand "opening" as "logging on" instead of "signing up"

No, you cannot because of 4th rule you have to agree to in 3.0 (not allowing to operate two non-zero-coin-balance accounts. The rule does not specify the use: coin-no_coin)

read 1) - if it'll be allowed, then it's still limited to the zero coins' balance condition from 2)

13A (v) mentioned before forbids it.

read 1)

Yup - 13.A is either redundant, or a bit to harsh on generalization.. I always felt Fizzers intention was different. There's a big difference between using alts in order to give you advantage of any sort, and using multiple accounts for different reasons (to name few: starting with clear statistics, learning templates, reading chat of two clans you are a member of, socializing with multiple clans).

However, the Terms of service seems to have a strict no-no policy on alts of any sort.

using multiple accounts that have non-zero coin BALANCE is forbidden according to the rules you have to accept after 3.0. So eg. you cannot use any account that has been given the free coins if you already have any other account with non-zero coin balance. It's regardless of whether you play coin games on it or non-coin games. Furthermore - you cannot even buy coins to play on a different account that you've been playing coin games so far unless you withdraw WHOLE balance out of the first account first.

disallowing multiple accounts in the same game would unable people to learn teamgames by playing e.g. 3 accounts on the same team of a 3v3. using multiple accounts in opposing teams, in the same tournament, or on any ladder was stated by Fizzer to be forbidden.

It would be great if Fizzer confirmed whether using alts in non-coin games is allowed as long as the user does not use them to his advantage in-game..
@Fizzer, multi-account clarification.: 12/8/2014 20:38:59

Math Wolf 
Level 63
I would really like to know this as well.
I haven't logged in with my alt since the announcement of coin games since I don't know what I need to do if I'm offered free coins with it.

Personally, I think known alts such as
(and many more)
should be allowed, possibly after verification of the main account.
I'm not all that sure about hidden alts.

Allowing any alts in coin games may promote cheating however.
Looking at Warlight's continuing alt policy (and problems?), I have the feeling that there will be not much consequences (i.e. suspension, banning) for just using alts. I'm sure however that there will be when money is involved.

So even with the ToS as is, I think just fairly playing in a normal game with an alt account, or even alts together in the same team, will go under the radar anyway or fall under some sort of grace rule in the rare case of a report. After all, don't all map makers have alt accounts for their first map tests?

Edited 12/8/2014 20:39:19
@Fizzer, multi-account clarification.: 12/8/2014 23:52:49

Level 56
Yeah, same here, I'm not logging in until we get clarification.

I have an ult (REGL Admin account) that I use only to create games/tournaments and chat with REGL members or potential recruits. There's even a link from one of my profiles to the other, I'm not hiding anything. I assume that's fine as long as I only make games, and don't participate in any, and I don't accept the 100 coins, but I don't want to take any chances. I've bought membership and a clan (sole admin) and I'm not risking losing that over a technicality when I'm not doing anything in bad faith.

If Fizzer or another Mod/Admin sees this, please get us a response ASAP.
@Fizzer, multi-account clarification.: 12/9/2014 00:02:12

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
Zero risk of a ban or a warning for what you're describing. Only reason to clarify is for us to see what the exact boundaries are.

Worried? Obscure your ip and use the Admin alt. particularly when not even going near coins, no mod here is going to search you out for a ban.
@Fizzer, multi-account clarification.: 12/9/2014 00:02:55

Level 60
Fridge, where are you reading those things you posted? Can you link us to that page?

I have an alt that is not deceptive at all. I bought a membership with it so I could play the 2v2 ladder with both accounts. Is that suddenly not allowed? If Fizzer required us to all have a name like "PlayerName_Alt", I would not care. But to not allow them seems silly to me.

I have not done any coin games with my main because I don't want to violate some sort of rule there. But I prefer to have real time games with my alt so I don't get boots on my main by accident.
@Fizzer, multi-account clarification.: 12/9/2014 00:18:22

Level 58
@Chris, it is ToS (Tearms of Service)
It is relatively short and worth a read imo.
@Fizzer, multi-account clarification.: 12/9/2014 02:22:49

Level 60
Thanks. That part about multiple accounts only refers to coin games. So as long as you do not utilize a 2nd account for coin games I don't see an issue.
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