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AP 5% upgrade: 10/27/2022 23:52:48

Level 20
does this improve AP already received or just future AP?
AP 5% upgrade: 10/27/2022 23:53:38

Level 62
In the future whenever you complete a level, you get 5% more AP.
AP 5% upgrade: 11/17/2022 18:23:41

Level 63
It's kind sad that it doesnt improve the AP for the current level.

Tho I suppose calculation the AP upfront is necessary to prevent players starting the same level 5 times at once to finish multiple times without getting reduced AP.
AP 5% upgrade: 11/17/2022 18:36:30

Level 62
Pretty sure it does affect current level if you upgrade it before finishing

Same with CW reward

But maybe you're getting at the fact that you have to finish the level, collect the AP to upgrade the Adv, and you want to retroactively increase the AP gains from the level you just completed? No, it doesn't do that

Edited 11/17/2022 18:36:55
Posts 1 - 4 of 4