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AP per hour/day: 10/27/2022 23:48:42

Level 21
i played this game for a few months soon after it was made, but took a break. i'm back and have played a week or two. a lot has changed so i was curious if anyone can share a rough guess of what AP per day/hour to shoot for at this point. i can't figure out which maps would be best to play next haha.
AP per hour/day: 11/17/2022 18:24:35

Level 63
I'm too noob to answer this, but me posting here will put this back on the front page of the forums so the smart people can get a chance to answer it.
AP per hour/day: 11/17/2022 23:53:30

Level 62
1. utilize market strat and upgrade artifacts and advancements accordingly and the rest won't matter

2. aim to finish a map per day early on, maybe a map per 2 days once you clear a dozen maps or so, and a map per 3 days from like scandinavia to Europe huge... very rough estimates since has been forever since I did 1st runthrough
AP per hour/day: 11/18/2022 00:18:28

Level 62
AP per day/hour changes waaaaaay too much to have any target at all

The first 2 Ascensions go slowly, then it picks up, and by the time you're rocking HEH/Hex in <2 hrs, you feel like AP is unlimited when all you really want is another Insane artifact, and no amount of AP will make that happen
AP per hour/day: 11/22/2022 18:50:55

Level 31
For the first ascension I think 100 AP/day is a decent goal. Once you get to late phase 4 stuff and start clearing multiple levels simultaneously in 2-3 hours, even 10K+ AP per day is easily achievable.
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