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WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/4/2014 10:48:09

Level 61
The season is in the final stretch and the winner will be decided soon here is a recap of the season

Competition link:

This season featured 9 double elimination tournaments with a variety of templates
in which every player played 6 tournaments max out of the 9
each player received points for his final position in each tournament
the player with the highest total score will be the winner

in season 1 we had 48 original players and 18 substitutes competing

Point System:
1st place:1000 P
2nd place: 750 P
3rd place: 500 P
4th place: 400 P
5-6th place: 250 P
7-8th place 200 P
9-12th place 125 P
13-16th place 100 P
17th-24th place 50 P
25-32th place 25 P

The season was long much longer than I expected, around a year and a half but still was very interesting
the reason for taking so long was to make this a light load competition
where you don't have to play in a rush or too many games at once
big big thanks to all the players that kept playing including a lot of very good players taking part
but in the end it was Ekstone who came out on top after the 9 tournaments
followed by Frankdeslimste and Arlecchino respectfully
the top 8 were invited to a special tournament

Additional Tournament "The Masters"
Tournament #10 "The Masters" was only open to the top 8 players :
2 RR of 4 players template was decided by players ranked 1 and 2
RR A:players ranked 1 3 6 8
RR B:players ranked 2 4 5 7
from each RR 2 qualify to a small 4 players single elimination Strategic ME tournament
point system
100 P for every RR win
200 P for semi final win
500 P for final win

Top 8 players after 9 tournaments
1. Ekstone +
2. Frankdeslimste +
3. Arlecchino
4. Ineffable
5.Hypnotic (dreuj finished 5th but became inactive)
7. Kantos +
8. ChrisCMU +

+players who advanced to the final tournament

The Winner of this competition will be either
Frankdeslimste who needs to win the final tournament and for Ekstone to lose in the semi finals
Ekstone who needs to make it to the final or hope that Frankdeslimste does not win

List of Tournaments Winners

Tournament #1 strategic ME

Winner dreuj

2nd place Tenshi
3rd place Gnuffone

Tournament #2 strategic MME

Winner brisk

2nd place dreuj
3rd place dunga

Tournament #3 battle islands V

Winner Ekstone

2nd place Widzisz
3rd place Gruffalo

Tournament #4 Ancient Greece

Winner Hypnotic

2nd place Arlecchino
3rd place Dom365

Tournament #5 Strategic Turkey

Winner Frankdeslimste

2nd place marc2013
3rd place Dutch Desire

Tournament #6 Macro Land

Winner Ekstone

2nd place Ineffable
3rd place nich

Tournament #7 Strategic East Asia & Oceania

Winner Arlecchino

2nd place slammy
3rd place tartan1314

Tournament #8 Europe

Winner ChrisCMU

2nd place Kantos
3rd place Ineffable

Tournament #9 Guiroma

Winner Ekstone

2nd place Frankdeslimste
3rd place Jefferspin

Honorable mentions and useless trivia:
Ekstone the only player to win more than 1 tournament(3 wins)
Tenshi was the only player who played 6 tournaments and never finished lower than 16th
Brisk the only player that won a tournament but did not finish in the top 8
7 out of the 8 players that finished a tournament in 3rd place did not finish in the top 8
dreuj only played in 4 tournaments but still finished in 5th place
slammy only played in 2 tournaments and scored 1000 points
Widzisz was short 50 points from a top 8 finish
Pushover for being most colorful player
WG and apex clans for sending 8 representatives out of the top 15

Season 2 will accept new players it will start next month if there is enough interest
more information in the official announcement soon
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/4/2014 14:05:25

Level 63
I would definitely play again, if invited; it was a great concept, and was run very well!
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/4/2014 15:47:15

Level 57
Me too

Edit: nice analysis O.o

Edited 12/4/2014 15:47:37
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/4/2014 17:38:15

Level 61
Great recap, looking forward to next season
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/4/2014 21:34:02

Level 59
I will maybe play next season.
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/4/2014 23:21:29

Level 61
Id play if you need someone. Only played one tourney but it was fun.
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/5/2014 00:40:29

NoobSchool (AHoL) • apex 
Level 58
I'm in!
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/5/2014 02:19:05

Master Turtle 
Level 61
I'll play too if there's a spot for me...
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/5/2014 03:48:02

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58
Count me in for next season!

Thanks for hosting this BTW, it has been a fun series.
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/5/2014 03:50:55

Level 48
ill join for next season if possible
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/5/2014 08:42:56

Level 59
Pushover for being most colorful player

Kind of curious about the criteria for this one. O_o

Thanks for hosting this series, it was lots of fun.

Edit: Pretty sure this isn't a signup thread so i didn't say anything, but of course I would love to play another season of this :)

Edited 12/6/2014 09:35:34
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/5/2014 12:20:35

Level 66
despite reducing my warlight activitiy recently i'm definitely eager to play this again
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/5/2014 13:06:20

Level 60
I'm in if possible
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/5/2014 13:46:27

Ctrl Alt Delete ♦ ɌeLite ♦ 
Level 61
I will play again looking forward to it
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/5/2014 14:52:27

Oh Noes
Level 62
Add me to the list of those that would like to participate.
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/6/2014 14:47:28

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
I'd better play again :)

Good luck all, particularly Ekstone in the final tournament!

Edited 12/7/2014 23:30:50
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/9/2014 15:48:28

Level 61
I like seeing WG as 3 of top 8 (5 in top 15). It shows our versatility I think.
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/9/2014 20:02:45

John Smith
Level 59
I'd love to join in with the next tournament.
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/30/2014 19:11:53

Level 61
Well, so far I have 400 points in the Final Rounds with 500 additional if I can knock off Frank in the final game of WSOW (stoked I made it all the way to the last game of this thing). So that puts me in a tie for 4th place overall. If I win and get 500 more, it does not bump me to 3rd though.

But, the game decides the overall winner. Frank needs to win it to be champion. If I win, Elkstone is the overall champion.
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 12/30/2014 19:48:56

Master Atom ◆Elite◆
Level 60
If another one starts please save me a seat, that would be awesomely nice!:)
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 1/1/2015 00:57:47

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
Chris please win D: Ekstone believes he has lost.
WSOW Season 1 Summery: 1/3/2015 03:56:33

Level 61
I'll try, but frank is certainly a better strat 1v1 player than me.
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