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Advanced Custom Scenarios (CS+ and Factions): 9/12/2022 22:50:03

Level 60
The last few weeks / months I found myself creating mods, but mostly for enhancing scenario making. Here is a brief summary on my work this summer:

  • Factions
  • Structures Distribution (CS+)
  • Advanced Card Distribution (CS+)

Factions is an all-in diplomacy mods featuring custom teams (factions), chats, slot-by-slot configuration and the most advanced user interface of every mod. The mod is finished for the most part, but I'm planning on updating the mod once more. When the mod is fully finished, it allows players to be in multiple Factions and uses some a fairly simple diplomacy rules and will be highly configurable.

Structures Distribution (CS+)
This mod is 1 of the 3 Custom Scenario Plus mods I wanted to make to enhance scenario creating. This mod allows game creators to place any structure on the map wherever they want. This opens the oppertunity for mods like Hospitals, Artillery Strike, Forts and Goldmines to be used even better (note that not all mods that use structures are compatible with manually placed structures)

Advanced Card Distribution (CS+)
The 2nd mod of the CS+ series. Game creators can set for each slot individually how many card pieces they get of each card, both at the start of the game and after every turn. This mod works on top of the normal Warzone card distribution but can be used to do some really nice things, like slowly taking cards away from a certain player(slot)

For those readers that have noticed that although there are 3 mods in the CS+ series and Factions is not one of them, this has a reason. The CS+ mods will only do something if they are paired with a custom scenario and automatic distribution. The Factions mod can also be used for FFA games and can still be used without any scenario.

'What is the last CS+ mod then?' you might ask. Well, I don't want to give away to much, but it will take scenarios to an level thrice more higher than you currently can with these 3 mods... And that it will be such a large project you're likely won't be hearing from me again for a few weeks once I start on it lmao
Advanced Custom Scenarios (CS+ and Factions): 9/14/2022 08:59:54

Level 58
Advanced card distribution is a biggie i think here
Advanced Custom Scenarios (CS+ and Factions): 9/14/2022 15:31:15

Samurai Jack 
Level 55
Excited for this project! Hoping it can be implemented by the time I start Castles of Britian!
Advanced Custom Scenarios (CS+ and Factions): 9/14/2022 15:57:30

Level 59
Beautifully urban! Great mods!
Advanced Custom Scenarios (CS+ and Factions): 9/16/2022 22:21:14

Level 60
the Factions Update is coming along, but it will be a really, really big one. I still have some new options and mechanics to implement so please stay patience!
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