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Power selling suggestion: 9/5/2022 16:53:39

Level 58
Hi, all. Sometimes you win or obtain a power, which you already may have 4 or 5 of it and don't really need.

Suggestion: Provide a sell button to a power to sell it for half its value (this will be mostly 15 coins)

This way you can sell 2 powers and buy 1 power in return. Or you could spend the coins differently.

For example: You may have 2 fog buster powers you don't really need and you really need a time warp power at the moment. With this suggestion you sell the 2 fog busters power and buy a time warp power.
Power selling suggestion: 9/5/2022 21:21:26

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
Amen, I have so many skip levels it’s insane
Power selling suggestion: 9/5/2022 21:52:11

Level 63
I dont think selling powers would work.

As Fizzer stated himself when asked about trading powers :
The only reason Fizzer is giving away so many idle powers is because they cannot be traded, which prevents power inflation.

Especially for WZ players that are good at WZ but dont play idle, the powers quickly stack up. And the inflation on WZ coins would skyrocket if everyone would suddenly start selling their powers.

I'm a special kind of power hoarder, so I probably have way more powers than usual, so if I suddenly sold all my powers for half their buy price, I would get 36 450 coins...
Power selling suggestion: 9/5/2022 21:52:27

Level 60

Edited 9/5/2022 21:53:16
Power selling suggestion: 9/5/2022 21:56:26

Level 59
I dont think selling powers would work.
+1. It would completely break Idle's predatory revenue model. Why pay $8.00 for blue widgets when you can instead trade 2 useless extra red widgets for 1 blue widget? Instead, you want players to be in positions of dopamine-deficient frustration where they keep getting dozens upon dozens of red widgets when what they need for that next happy moment in the digital equivalent of an abusive relationship is 1 blue widget, to the point where they give up and exchange the $8 like an addict.

PS: I would like to thank the gambling addicts for buying lottery tickets to fund the education system. Please continue.

Edited 9/5/2022 21:59:44
Power selling suggestion: 9/21/2022 13:02:54

Level 50
Personally, I would like to trade free powers for additional capacity slots of said power, I would even be cool if I had to trade in all power to get the extra inventory slot. This would be reset every super ascension so it doesn't get out of hand, or there could be a cap of 5 extra (double the base capacity).

There are instances where I do use up my powers and sometimes, just one or 2 more powers is all I need to finish
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