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Clan Wars: 7/20/2022 15:32:20

Level 62
This clan wars season ends in ~3 days, next season we are making a push trying to be 2nd. Clan Wars is an event where you play real-time games. The goal is to win as many games as possible. You can play one game per day. You can play only during slots; slots happen at 0:00 GMT and every 4 hours since that. You have 10 minutes to join, then games are created. Your one game refreshes at 23:59 GMT. You can play Clan Wars by clicking community -> clan wars -> view time slot-> choose a template you wish to join. The community button will glow yellow during the period you can join.

To be decent in Clan Wars, we need three things:
1) active players: we need people to play, ideally at least bydaily. We are currently working on recruiting more people.
2) skill: ask in clan chat, the training forums or mail me, Nave, Eternity, Skek or Kcebnroh to train. This will require some time.
3) strategy: because of the no game mechanic, we have to think a lot about which slot we join.

Free win
If no of our players gets a game, the participant with the oldest account will receive a free win. When you receive a free win, you get a win and cannot join any slot until 23:59. This happens for every template independently (so in a slot with 4 templates, we can get up to 4 free wins).

No game
This is evil and our biggest obstacle. Every clan has a clan wars rating. This works like elo: winning improves our clan rating and losing drops it. The matchmaking happens from clans with the biggest rating. Our clan has a very low rating. What does it mean?
Every template has information about how many players participate in it. That is irrelevant for us! A template with 1000 participants can give us 0 games if all participants come from clans with a bigger rating than ours. Even if just two people from our clan join. This results in one person from us getting free win and everyone else no game. No game gives you nothing but lets you join another slot (if you have time for that). If you get no game the last slot (20:00), it is basically a loss. For that reason, I will post here a strategy to minimize no games.

The strategy
Participate. Wins from winning a game greatly outweigh the lost rating from losing.
Firstly fill every template with one person (2v2 with two people). We have a very low rating, which at least nearly guarantees a free win if there is an even number of opponents.
Secondly, join the highest template on this list (biggest chance to get opponents with even lower ratings).

1) Small Earth 1v1 Auto Dist (SEAD)
2) Small Earth 1 Wasteland (SE1W)
3) Small Earth Commander and Bomb Card (combomb)
4) Strategic 1v1 (strat 1v1)
5) MME Commanders LD No Cards (LD) and Multi-Attack MME Light Fog LD (MME MA LD)
6) Guiroma and French Brawl
7) Strategic 2v2

Few notes
Strategic 2v2 must be joined by two people from the same clan to let you play/ get free win. It has a very hectic timer, practically allowing communication only via an app with voice chat (game chat is too slow). For this reason, it is extremely unpopular and you will find at most one opponent here. It also tells you the number of enemy players, rather than teams.
SEAD and SE1W have 1 min timers with 2 min banked.
LD can be very long and very annoying. I suggest not joining it.
We have very good MME MA LD players. No game is given to the newest accounts. If you are new to this game, you can still join if you are alright with a chance of no game. Otherwise, please, let good players take the slot if they ask for it.

Use your own initiative. If you are good in Strat 1v1 and bad in SE and there is a slot with Strat 1v1, SEAD and SE1W, join it even though it may result in no game. Ask in chat for people to move away. It is better to get a chance for a game in Strat 1v1 than nearly guaranteed loss in SE. No game also rises rating by 1.
Clan Wars: 7/20/2022 15:33:31

Level 62
For people asking, there is no individual rating. Only clan rating is used. Account age is a tiebreaker, meaning that older accounts will get players from better clans.
Clan Wars: 7/20/2022 15:41:56

Level 62
Good info in here that everyone playing CW should read. A lot of this is just tribal knowledge, not documented anywhere.
Clan Wars: 7/20/2022 21:28:19

Level 58
Hopefully this information will help more clans get inspired to compete in clan wars. Right now some templates like multi attack one or 2v2 get massively ignored, but if multiple clans will try to get free wins, this will result in those templates having a more healthy amount of participants.

Right now a lot of players mass join small earth templates, because they got the most players and more players mean higher chance of weaker opponent. If community realizes that players of varying skill levels play on all templates, players now will have more reason to try different template and this variety will bring them more motivation to keep playing in clan wars and not burn out.
Clan Wars: 7/26/2022 19:26:16

Level 56
idk whats going on but this has some serious JSA clan league vibes
Clan Wars: 7/27/2022 08:39:10

Leia - Princess of Coinwheels 
Level 60
Note on the No Game:

This is what Fizzer wrote me after a complain about me getting no game a few days in a row:

Note that every time you don't get a game, your clan's rating increases. This happens both on free wins and on missed games. So each time this happens, it makes it slightly less likely to happen again the next time. Also note that if you don't get a game or a free win, you're still eligible to join another timeslot for that day.
Clan Wars: 7/27/2022 08:53:33

Level 62
Increases. By 1. We had around 0, so not that significant. The most annoying thing is, that pretty much the only way how to guarantee to get 3+ games on a template like guiroma or French Brawl is to have a 500 rating!
Since it is mainly played by people from 400+ rating clans.
Clan Wars: 7/27/2022 09:54:22

Level 58
@καλλιστηι: Your clan might want to look into joining the bomb. Usually we can provide each and every opponent joining there a matchups against us.
Clan Wars: 7/27/2022 09:58:40

Level 58
@Leia - Princess of Coinwheels: This argument from Fizzer makes little sense to me. Those free +1 rating increases just add inflation into the whole system. They don't really push your own clans rating since if you can not play at that higher skill level, you lose the gained rating again to the other clans.
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