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Brazil States.: 4/11/2022 22:36:37

Marcos Costa
Level 15
Hey brothers, my name is Marcos, brazilian, Warzone enthusiast.

There is an excellent map in Warzone called "Brazil Big" with 1516 territories created by the genius Flesius9517.

I would like to separate the states of this map to make local maps, such as a specific map of Paraná, the state where I live.

How can I separate these states to create new maps without losing all the work that Flesius9517 has already done?

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you very much

Hugs from Brazil.
Brazil States.: 4/11/2022 22:41:51

Level 63
You cant copy data from other maps, so you will have to manually recreate and redraw each region. (or get Flesius9517's original files)

To help you get going with making your own maps, check the following tutorials:

The wiki (https://www.warzone.com/wiki/Map_Making) is obviously the first place to look for info.

If you want to go make maps, you should also join the Mapmakers Discord, since its much easier to help that way: https://discord.gg/cxwzG3uA
Brazil States.: 4/14/2022 00:04:42

Level 60
Some maps of Brazilian states/regions already exist, so check the list of maps to make sure before you make your own. For example:
And, down to the city level,
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