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@Fizzer: 11/1/2014 00:59:05

Black Reaper
Level 44
I'm not sure if you've ever checked this site out but there are some pretty cool and creative ideas on here that all seem pretty reasonable and helpful towards having a fun and enjoyable warlight experience.

@Fizzer: 11/1/2014 01:00:09

Level 59
@Fizzer: 11/1/2014 01:15:47

Level 54
@Fizzer: 11/1/2014 02:16:37

[LN] Lion
Level 57
Dumbasses, dumbasses everywhere.
@Fizzer: 11/1/2014 19:07:04

Level 23
Oh my god....
Fizzer your getting OWNED!!!!
You cant have that lil bit*h tell you what to do!!

Edited 11/1/2014 19:07:29
@Fizzer: 11/1/2014 19:54:30

Red Menace
Level 55
shots fired, playa
@Fizzer: 11/1/2014 20:17:47

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
One does not simply

make a thread and put a link to warlight uservoice
@Fizzer: 11/2/2014 00:27:53

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
Pretty poorly timed protest. How long ago was it that we got a survey on ladder changes? Not only that but he just implemented one of the highest voted options on that site.
@Fizzer: 11/2/2014 05:35:11

Level 59
Arun, I actually think he meant this in earnest. Unless I'm mistaken this guy seems like a genuine noob, and that's why I thought it was funny.
@Fizzer: 11/2/2014 05:56:47

Art Vandelay 
Level 51
I just wish he'd update the 2v2 ladder template. 2 starts is bad on that map, everyone said it
@Fizzer: 11/4/2014 07:13:31

Black Reaper
Level 44
I in no way meant disrespect towards Fizzer. Just thought there were cool ideas on the site, but feel free to interpret it to your liking.
@Fizzer: 11/4/2014 08:08:47

[WM] ᵀᴴᴱ𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓭𝓰𝓮 
Level 59
I must say - this guy has a valid point... some of the features are waiting a long time, and are probably easier to implement than some others that were put in without such a strong demand..
@Fizzer: 11/4/2014 14:36:18

Level 60
All 100+ vote entries:

Peace Treaties - 705 votes

This setting will allow warlite to enforce peace treaties. Peace treaties can either be set for a certain amount of turns or be broken after giving notice. A treaty will be the equivalent of a diplomacy card. If both players acquiesce, it can be canceled early (example: one guy accidentally has 1 spot in the other guys bonus so they cancel peace he takes spot and then they remake peace). There will also be a setting that makes peace treaties public or not, depending on the creators settings. The idea of peace treaties is two-fold, one it forces people not… more

-Tons of votes. Not sure how hard it is to tweak diplomacy card to be variable in game, but that would accomplish set turns. I think the other way (broken with notice) would be way too hard to program.

Able to see who is online - 572 votes

I never know who is online until they join my game. It would be nice to see who is online so you can invite them to a game right away instead of waiting for random people to join.

-I really don't care much about this. Personally, I don't want everyone to know when I am on/not. A better system would be like the RT ladder, and have a separate page where people can join a RT gaming lobby. Does not seem too hard to have a lobby like that, but would it slow the site down?

Allow teams to receive armies when the team collectively controls a bonus - 458 votes

When a bonus is occupied by two or more teammates, the armies assigned to that bonus should be distributed to all of the teammates accordingly, instead of one teammate having to control the entire bonus.

-Interesting, but who gets the bonus armies? Person with most of territories? Formula would be tricky.

Anonymous Games - 381 votes

This is a game/setting in which the participants are not known until the game ends. The purpose of this is to protect the integrity and competitiveness of games as it is a tendency for emotion to ruin games based on past games and grudges that could have been formed. By hiding the player names and randomizing the colors fairness can be ensured, which helps to make maintain the integrity and competitiveness of each individual games.

-surprised this is not top of the list. Would be a great setting for a season or real time ladder too.

Add a "friends list" subset to the invite list - 271 votes

After playing many games here, the invite list gets cumbersome. It would be nice to have a smaller list for people I really enjoyed playing with.

-We REALLY need this, would be very helpful for clans for sure. Also, all of us that are running custom leagues, etc...having only 1 invite list is a big pain. This seems fairly easy from a programming standpoint to many things on the list.

Windows Phone Client - 236 votes

Allow WarLight to be played from Windows Phone devices.

-I don't own a Windows phone, but this makes a lot of sense to put priority on. They are becoming more popular.

Include a Blacklist Percentage - 217 votes

Include as part of every person's profile the percentage of the entire warlight membership who has blacklisted that player. The idea is to give a measure "across the membership" of a particular player's blacklist-worthiness.

-There could be cases to abuse this with alts. I don't think this is a great idea personally because of that. Also, reasons for blacklist are arbitrary. Some might be trolls, others are bad players who simply join reserved teams in tournaments. All blacklistings are not equal.

Teammate takes over for booted/surrendered player - 190 votes

The booted/surrendered players army will not being combined into teammate's army, but will be controlled separately by the teammate. Player will have to execute moves for two armies in the allowed time.

-I like this option as the AI is very dumb. Not sure how hard this one is to do though (could be a lot harder than we think).

Allow game host to remove players who have joined the game - 189 votes

Allow game host to remove any player, including those who already joined before game starts.

- Very helpful for role playing, chat games, etc. Also would be nice that if you are removed by the host, that you no longer see that game on your list (and also if you decline one).

3 v 3 Europe (no cards) Ladder - 133 votes

Game settings:

- Warlords (can pick only 1 spot in each bonus)
- 3 or 4 starting spots
- Starting armies of 5
- No wastelands, no cards
- All neutrals are worth 2
- The spots that can be picked change each game (random warlord spots each game)

--I can't understand why this one hasn't been done. It would seem to be very easy to me. Is demand not enough?

Multi-attack card - 128 votes

Same as in multi-attack enabled game - the difference is with this card you can make only ONE multi-attack.This card could simulate Blitzkrieg: almost all of my armies (infantry) move with steady pace (1 territory/turn) but from time to time I can use my tanks to attack with the speed of 1,2,3 territories/turn; depending on how many multi-attack cards I have saved.

-I probably would not like this setting, but seems not too hard to make with multi-attack already in the game.

Name changes every 20 days - 126 votes

Right now you only get to change your name every 5 levels, for those in high levels this may mean that you only get a name change once a year or so.

-this is probably the easiest so far to change, but I don't see any value in it personally as I never change my name. What does it add to the game? IMO, I'd rather see some sort of tagline under your level on the forums that you could change to add personality and not have name changes all the time.

Stacking Conditional Attacks Option (e.g. attack only here, and if no attack then attack only there) - 103 votes

-I'd love this, not sure how easy that is to make though.

Secondary Colors - 102 votes

It's a little bit annoying to miss out on a game just because you're picking a color.

Having preset secondary and tertiary colors would help to counter this.

Of course, being able to set the priority of all of the colors would be the best solution to this problem but that may be more trouble than it's worth. Two or three should be fine.

-this seems very easy to do, and would be nice...although it does not happen to me very often.

Airstrike Card - 100 votes

Similar to the Airlift card, the Airstrike card allows a player to attack (not transfer) troops against a neutral or enemy territory.

The card increases the difficulty of a game by a large margin, as attack can come from anywhere at any time (though a variation might allow only attacks on visible territories, but that's hardly as fun)

-this doesn't seem too hard, but not sure I like the idea. For example, what if you have that card and multi-attack? Yikes. Also, does it have to be visible? If not, you could basically back door people easily. This seems VERY non strategic to me.

Edited 11/4/2014 14:37:18
@Fizzer: 11/4/2014 14:38:17

Level 60
It would be nice to have some official word from Fizzer on these top vote getting ideas. Does he not like them, are they too hard to do? A reason would be nice for not implementing them.
@Fizzer: 11/27/2014 17:59:51

Level 48
@Fizzer: 11/27/2014 21:51:10

brisk • apex 
Level 58
Stacking Conditional Attacks Option (e.g. attack only here, and if no attack then attack only there) - 103 votes

to be honest, this is not a good idea because it removes the point of the game (the fact you have to "bet" sometimes is part of the game).
@Fizzer: 12/1/2014 18:20:30

Level 60
+1 to fridge
@Fizzer: 12/3/2014 01:08:11

Level 32
I really wish these would get implemented; they've been there for months.

Plus, having 3 votes isn't enough to go around.
@Fizzer: 12/3/2014 02:25:52

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
you know, I dont see, "Lets gamble" anywhere but Fizz did that....
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