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Map of the week discussion: Week 372: 3/20/2022 01:19:55

Level 64

Warzone Creator

Every week we vote on 5 maps, and the map with the most votes becomes the map of the week for the following week.

Go here to vote: https://www.warzone.com/MapOfTheWeek/View?Week=372

You can use this thread to discuss the current vote. Tell us why you voted the way you did!
Map of the week discussion: Week 372: 3/21/2022 16:03:52

Level 57
Now that Colossal Earth is no longer an option, I'll vote for the Europe map. Clearly better than the rest and would have been my vote last week had Colossal Earth not been there
Map of the week discussion: Week 372: 3/24/2022 19:19:00

Level 62
I'm voting for Wales. A good local map. We already have 70 maps with "Europe" in the name, don't really need more.
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