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Reporting Abusers: 10/28/2014 00:20:56

Level 50
Hi there guys!

I have found what we can call turly newbs to this guys and i hope admins can do anythign about it or u guys can ignore their games so u dont get BOOTED when u are owning them!

This three guys, TESME Shurik and l'infame, are using the most newbie tactic to win games arround here... Everytime they cant hold an attack from someone, they just boot them from the game. and as u can see on link blow, u can see entire teams booted.

After the warning of geting reported for that, guess what? they decide to surrender them selfs to see if they dont get reported BUT, i am realy tried of newbs arround and this shouldnt be happening. i wonder what those guys would do in realy tournaments that they cant boot anyone from the game...

I hope i help u guys not joining this trashbag guys in future and also hope admins work on this guys to make them learn for their abuses on the game!!

Peace out \o

Ps: Link of the abuses http://postimg.org/image/mvfx3vjhf/

Once a free Soul, always a Soul Free! ^-^
Reporting Abusers: 10/28/2014 00:35:09

Red Menace
Level 55
Booting isn't against Warlight rules. Play faster, Newb.
Reporting Abusers: 10/28/2014 00:54:24

Level 58
Menu>Settings and you can copy/paste the link to games. no need to take screepics etcs :)

Booting is as already said, perfectly fine. (though arguably unsportsmanlike)

If you don't wanna play against them anymore, you can add them to your blacklist. simply click on their profile, then blacklist.
Reporting Abusers: 10/28/2014 01:19:53

Level 40
most newbie
I'm pretty sure Calling someone a noob looks a lot better than newbie.
Reporting Abusers: 10/28/2014 01:35:52

Level 59
you have a 40% boot rate. i'd boot you in a heartbeat.
Reporting Abusers: 10/28/2014 02:01:43

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Listen to Yeezus. Play faster and stop complaining about people following the rules.
Reporting Abusers: 10/28/2014 02:03:16

Master ARC 
Level 57
And that right there is why it's better to play MD games.

Edited 10/28/2014 02:03:27
Reporting Abusers: 10/28/2014 03:59:47

Level 54
.... Blacklist guys for booting you? Gee, I haven't heard this one before.

May the Axe of the Bale befell upon you!

Edited 10/28/2014 04:00:04
Reporting Abusers: 10/29/2014 02:05:55

6th Army Group
Level 52
How despicable booting is depends on who you ask, but also who is booted.

While everyone here seems to approve of 'play faster' there are plenty of people on the forums who abhor booting, especially when it occurs to them.
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