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Multi-Attack Card suggestion: 2/10/2022 16:21:38

Level 62

I would like to suggest Fizzer the multi-attack card.

so Multi_attack would be enabled only when the card is played instead of every turn and just from a single starting point, so if you have two cards you can use them from two starting points.

Also the card could be customized in Card Settings with the options like:
- how many successive attacks you can do with the card.
- no-split attacks.
- card value...

Edited 2/10/2022 17:27:11
Multi-Attack Card suggestion: 2/10/2022 16:54:15

Level 59
I think this would be cool! Would it be just for the person who plays it or for everyone? I think it would be fun if it’s only for one player.
Multi-Attack Card suggestion: 2/10/2022 17:22:11

Level 62
This functionality already exists within the "Limited Multiattack" mod.

Not as a card on its own, but you link it to any one of the existing cards. So Reinf, Surveil, Spy, etc, and you select which card(s) it is at game creation time. And only in a turn where you play one of those cards do the MA moves apply.

The # of successive attacks is also configurable with the mod.

Edited 2/10/2022 17:22:43
Multi-Attack Card suggestion: 2/10/2022 21:17:23

Graaf Reinoud I 
Level 57
I think cards should not enable a possibility which is an option in the regular settings, therefore indeed mods can be used or created.
Multi-Attack Card suggestion: 2/11/2022 22:10:15

Level 62
Another idea I had to this card is to make attacks like boomerang effect. For example: You can make an multi attack from a territory to others but the stack will always return to the base point which the attack started in the same turn. Btw this attack could also be intercepted if the enemy takes some of the territory in the middle of the path with more armies than you.


Edited 2/11/2022 22:39:59
Multi-Attack Card suggestion: 2/12/2022 09:12:10

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
the opponent chould get then X-many gift cards :)
Multi-Attack Card suggestion: 2/12/2022 11:20:02

Level 58
I think just "Enables Multi-Attack for that player for X turns" is okay. Global allowance makes the card OP.
Multi-Attack Card suggestion: 2/12/2022 11:35:16

Level 61
That's an AWESOME idea and I love the art. I like the multi-attack card with the no split option and cast my vote right here, right no. Not in uservoice. This needs attention and not put off. Thumb up.

I don't like the boomerang option but I see where you're coming from. I consider the card to work for the "war" theme and not tamper with but compliment it.

Edited 2/12/2022 11:37:08
Multi-Attack Card suggestion: 2/13/2022 18:57:32

Level 60
The card would be an exellent idea and very great to have :D
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