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Draft size: 2/7/2022 16:37:07

Level 62
Hello guys,

I have notices drafts are increased when the map is mode advanced, I have read in forum this is related to armies/second from army camps. Is it like this?
Also drafts are increased for a whuile when territories are conquered, then goes down again to its base level.

I'd appreciate some guidelines regarding how drafts work and how better use them. Should I catch drafts every time available? is there any advantage in tacking drafts not so often?
Also, is there any artifact (besides draft boost) useful to increase drafing?

Many thanks,
Draft size: 2/7/2022 18:16:32

Level 25
Drafts are not my strength, I gave up on "researching" them a while ago. Here's what I do know, though:
- drafting immediately when they appear is the optimum. Waiting a while before collecting them is never beneficial.
- As drafts are calculated based on your momentary army income, the Army Camp Boost artifact and any superchangings (whether artifact or power) increase your drafts (temporary).

For the other questions you have to rely on others.
Draft size: 2/7/2022 18:53:29

Level 64
From Fizzer:
The number of armies you gain from drafting is the sum of two separate formulas: The fixed draft portion and the sliding draft portion.

The fixed portion is calculated based on your armies/sec number every time you draft. Therefore, the total armies gained from the fixed portion scales linearly with the number of times you draft as well as modifiers that increase your draft sizes.

The sliding portion is calculated based on both your armies/sec number as well as how many armies you've drafted in the past. The total armies gained from the sliding portion will approach but not exceed a percentage of the total armies gained in that level.

You generally want to draft as often as possible.

Edited 2/7/2022 18:54:25
Draft size: 2/7/2022 22:00:07

Level 26
To add a little more info (You can read more detail including formulas in my "newbie questions" thread, people gave awesome detailed explanations there).

If you want to get more army from the sliding part of the drafting, its based on how many army you earned since the beginning of the map, IF its bellow 15% of your total army earned. so if you capture a army cache and buy mercenary camps, it will go up (still based on army per sec). When you reach said 15% (you can check by hovering your army/s) it will drastically decrease.

Remember if you are going to use a supercharge army, to draft after it, if you already drafted, wait around 2 minutes before you super charge. Drafts appear each 6 minutes and super charge only lasts 5m (the power)
Draft size: 2/7/2022 22:41:22

Level 59
Arcturus is such a sexy name.

Northern vibes
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