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What would you pay (more) for?: 2/7/2022 06:17:12

Level 59
Just curious as to what people would pay coins or money for in Warzone Classic, to see where the trends are. Please don't treat this as a suggestions thread about what you think other people would offer money for or as a place to preach to the developer about where you think his priorities should be, just talk about anything that's made you go "y'know, I would pay money for this feature if it existed."

Things I've wished I could buy on this site:
- the ability to create unlimited modded games
- more premium colors (like the ones introduced in 5.18)
- the ability to post images on the forum, as a standalone
- more vacations
- increasing the 40-cap for a 40-capped clan
- clan upgrades and customization (e.g., a built-in P/R league for clans that just uses the tournament system, animated clan icons)
- ads on the MP dashboard (e.g., advertising a clan, paying coins to tell more players about the MTL)

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What would you pay (more) for?: 2/7/2022 07:28:59

Level 58
I agree
What would you pay (more) for?: 2/7/2022 08:54:15

Level 58
I think clans should have a shared xp pool where it can tech stuff like added clan cap. 40 - 60 - 100 for example

other techs could be a player xp boost (10%) and clan managers can choose what they focus on

exp can be acquired by just players playing games but each level has at least 1 point to use to spec. maybe need to spend coins to reset points tho
What would you pay (more) for?: 2/7/2022 22:28:04

Level 63
some of those suggestions are new lavrov, especially the one about player ads, but i like it.

i would deff use coins for a clan p/r system or ladder that doesnt use external tools, or even for just having a tournament just for all players from TLA (this can be done with prereqs, but i would like it officially so that prereqs about bootrate still work, and it announces in cc instead of gc)

i've already saved up a lot of coins in the hope that Fizzer one day will sell a premium green, but i have little hope :(
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