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Auto-sell woes: 1/22/2022 03:47:08

Level 42
So I just got far enough into Idle to buy some non-essential phase 3 upgrades - hey, need to unlock phase 4 somehow. Decided that starting with a tech was kinda weak, and I didn't want to clear a whole additional map to get increased bonus money, so I'd start with auto-sell. It's a convenient source of income late in a round after all, right? Take all those microchips and unobtanium bars that have no use except being sold, and sell them without me having to think about it. I have stats 4, so it can see the whole tech tree, and so it won't sell the stuff I will actually need, right?

Of course not. Why would it make sense? No, instead it takes the thing I'm trying to stockpile and sells it. Because apparently "items I can use" means "literally enough for a single crafter job, and no more". I was halfway to filing a bug report, before a forum search showed me a Fizzer comment that this was intentional. (And TBH, I was still a bit tempted, but passive-aggressive bug reports aren't cool.)

Please, make auto-sell work sanely. It should sell things that I *do not need*, instead of selling things that I *cannot use this second*. Have it look ahead, at least as far as I can look ahead - yes, the recipes are secret until unlocked, but I can at least see the tech tree with my Stats upgrade. AS should be able to see it too. Don't just dump all my ore stockpiles randomly, because that makes it utterly unusable.
Auto-sell woes: 1/22/2022 15:21:15

Level 63
Auto-sell is plagued with the same problems as all other auto advancements.

They are all lacking user control, which means they are only useful at the end of a level when you dont have to care about what your auto advancements do.
Auto-sell woes: 1/22/2022 15:32:27

Level 62
The only valid use of Auto-Sell that I've been able to find is for WZIB. Never use it while playing regular WZI.
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