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Thank you Forsaken: 12/24/2021 13:59:45

Corn Man 
Level 61
Never thought I would publicly thank a Masters but here we are ...

Thank you Forsaken for saving us and denying Plat that whore of a trophy ... Plat with all 3 trophies would have been too powerful, gosh he might have even become good enough to join Masters :O

I know it must have been difficult for you to cock-block him, especially as he reminds you so much of your girlfriend, so please know that we appreciate you.

Merry xmas and a happy new year,
Everyone at Python
Thank you Forsaken: 12/24/2021 16:51:00

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
Don't you know it's wrong to bully children?
Thank you Forsaken: 12/24/2021 16:51:35

Level 63
Thank you Forsaken: 12/24/2021 16:51:52

Level 63
platinum is not a child, he is a potatoe!
Thank you Forsaken: 12/26/2021 12:41:48

Level 58
I think arrow will get all 3 trophies before plat
Thank you Forsaken: 12/26/2021 13:43:11

Level 62
All 3 trophies?
There are at least 7 obtainable (RIP RT Ladder) golden trophies:

1v1 Ladder
2v2 Ladder
3v3 Ladder
MTL Ladder
Seasonal Ladder
Coin Ladder
Beautiful map

Edited 12/26/2021 14:45:01
Thank you Forsaken: 12/27/2021 02:49:25

Level 62
I'll take this "public thread" opportunity to thank Forsaken unironically for agreeing to leave the ladder with me to give Danish Pig his 1v1 ladder trophy.

Why did Danish Pig deserve it? https://www.warzone.com/LadderTeam?LadderTeamID=26916 The Ladder run is over 100 games with great wins over a longer space of time showing consistency.

Forsaken is a cool dude for agreeing to such a act so I would like his character to be viewed in a positive light as well as his skills or at least I would like to show my appreciation on a forum for the good old history books.
Thank you Forsaken: 12/27/2021 22:19:25

Level 59
Platinum how come are you here

I thought you are part of lolicon's crew who is RIP and doesn't visit warzone anymor

I've been waiting for this moment :D great to see some old'school posters ^^ :P
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