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Arena rip off.: 12/23/2021 18:19:56

Level 60
Since when do arena games drop you in games with coin wagers? it's bad enough that I have to play templates I don't necessarily like, against sharks who way outmatch me, but now I gotta lose coins to them too? just lost over 100 coins playing in games I didn't stand a chance in.

ps, I know I can turn off my wagers, but that turns it off for qm games that I want to play.
Arena rip off.: 12/23/2021 18:21:01

Level 62
Wait, you're saying that in playing an _Arena_ game in Idle, that you actually joined a QM coin game match instead?
Arena rip off.: 12/23/2021 18:30:30

Level 59
Arena just creates a QM game except as if you had only that Arena template enabled in QM. It sounds like this is a bug that should be reported, since Arena games should also set your coin wager to 0 on top of that.

Go to: https://warzone.com/ReportBug and file the report saying Arena games have unexpected behavior of creating coin games. Hopefully this is not the intended design, because (in effect) forcing people into coin games they didn't mean to sign up for is really not nice.

Edited 12/23/2021 18:32:38
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