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Attention Fizzer & tech heads: 12/13/2021 17:54:55

Level 60
I don't want personal details, just some basic information. Two questions:

1 - Download/upload speed

2 - On a scale of 1-10, (1 worst/10 best) lag you experience.
My info:

1 - D'l is 200+ Mbps & U'l is 10+ Mbps
10 players or less, not bad, not great, but not bad.
15 players starts to get slow.
20+ players fahgetabowtit.

2 - In games of 10-12 or more, lag is ridiculous. (A 21 player game was horrible) Action timer won't move. Input commands are backed up, then go off simultaneously, also causing huge spikes in volume. Too much "lag drag", and then suddenly, BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! lol, it's almost funny.

Instead of one server for 30 max, have two servers with 15 max? A 20+ player game really clogs the arteries.

Hey techno guys n gals, in your opinion, what is actually going on?

Thoughts? Please describe briefly your experience(s). What improvements/ideas would like to see. (In this context)

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Attention Fizzer & tech heads: 12/13/2021 18:29:15

Level 64
Since you are a member, you should try the Standalone Client, it offers 10/10 lag experience. I never had any performance issues with it. The same goes for the mobile apps.


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Attention Fizzer & tech heads: 12/13/2021 18:39:36

Level 63
I once played a LD game on Bubble Wrap (3200 territories, 3200 bonuses), and based on that I can tell you that the standalone client is 20 to 50 times as fast as the browser app.
Attention Fizzer & tech heads: 12/13/2021 19:13:24

Level 60
Confirmed. The Stand Alone Client is much smoother. My first podium finish. (3rd) woot woot

Thank you for your input.
Attention Fizzer & tech heads: 12/14/2021 02:42:38

Level 62
The client is zippy compared to web. Dunno what's up with the web, but when in WZIB on web and I hit Time Warp, it locks up for about 5-10 secs, then captures a bunch of territories, then starts highlighting each of the newly captured territories as if I just clicked them, cycles through each of them, sometimes 2 or 3 times each, and after 15-30 secs, I finally get control back.

And sometimes especially near the end of the level it'll do this again even without Time Warp, and then suddenly a slew of attacks come in, none of my clicks register, etc. Other times it doesn't happen.

But that client, snappy snappy snappy. Mobile is snappy too.
Attention Fizzer & tech heads: 12/14/2021 03:45:01

Level 60
Yes, exactly,
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