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Diplomacy games; massive problem (solutions): 12/13/2021 15:01:19

Level 54
Diplomacy games are one of the main reasons I play the game, it is good fun with all the private chatting, expanding your lands etc.

But the problem is: there are always people ruining the games, leaving first turn in games with 30+ players which are already hard to fill. Not only that but the Host has no power. If someone breaks rules while playing a powerful country (for example as USA) they just go in and ruin the game by taking random lands of other players, players break rules like giftblocking and that sort of thing or the gift their lands away and leave and other annoying game breaking things like that. There needs to be a solution, and no, setting up a high minimum level does not work as high levels players do it just as much newer players.

My solutions:
-make a checkbox at game settings for marking a diplomacy game, for easy filters plus people will 100% know what they are getting into.

-Give host more power if the checkbox is on, being able to vote-kick a player or even just straight up kick the player. (can be abused but again, other poeple have better suggestions probably)

-For the poeple who left first turn they should be able to be replaced by the host by another player mid-game (basically; if new replacement player is added they join in next turn as the slot selected or what the other previous player had)

-Being able to bring back (excuse players) if they accidentally get booted or something else.

-Again if anyone has also better suggestions please share it, to make the diplomacy gerne a bit more stable.
Diplomacy games; massive problem (solutions): 12/13/2021 15:08:53

Level 63
There is a setting already for allowing booted players to return to the game (a maximum of 999 time iirc).

For the other problems, mods can help a long way. There is (or at least was) a mod that allowed the host to instantly eliminate any player from the game, but that mod might have been removed due to abuse.

For forcing players to follow the rules, you could also look into one of the diplo mods. They force alliances between players and do a whole bunch of other things i dont know about. There are also mods that prevent AI's from playing (so that booted players can still return later, without their AI ruining the entire game)

Alternatively, you might want to have an alt or outside in the game that has 100 times more income than all others combined. The only purpose of that player is to get gifted in and eliminate any PE's.

You might also want to check out the following Discord servers (for advice and to find players):
https://discord.gg/7KdEDKd3uG - official Warzone diplomacy Discord
https://discord.gg/TT2JZbvbbk - unofficial Warzone diplomacy Discord
Diplomacy games; massive problem (solutions): 12/13/2021 15:11:27

Level 62
There is (or at least was) a mod that allowed the host to instantly eliminate any player from the game, but that mod might have been removed due to abuse.

Never heard of this. It's probably gone. I can think of tons of players I've seen to date who would definitely abuse this. And likely several more who would "accidentally eliminate someone". The temptation is just too strong for some, I suspect.
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Diplomacy games; massive problem (solutions): 12/26/2021 13:25:58

Level 62
Just make a list of trusted players. Only trusted players can play for superpowers. For removing players from the game, you can add useless slots in your game to move unwanted players into. Unless it is finish game vs AI you are probably not persuading Fizzer to make any changes in True Warzone.

Edited 12/26/2021 13:28:26
Diplomacy games; massive problem (solutions): 12/28/2021 11:48:59

Level 61
As καλλιστη has said just play with trusted people. If you play some diplos and you are a great player, other people will start inviting you in their games. You can find who is trustworthy and who is not. Play only with them.

I have a huge blacklist for people who are awful diplo players.
Diplomacy games; massive problem (solutions): 12/29/2021 21:02:28

Level 62
As stated here, the solution is to get in with the diplo crowd. If you're posting an open game with no level or boot % limits, you're essentially inviting problem players and will get ~50% non-serious diplo players, and will always get troublesome play that way.

You either need to limit who joins, or make games where this type of thing doesn't wreck the game.
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