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Beating Warzone Idle: 11/27/2021 20:20:59

Level 62
With the super-ascending mechanism being available, now there's a clear goal for what does it mean to have beaten the game:

Choose +100 starting AP for 1340 times.

Edit: Actually you probably need a bit more than 1340 because I don't think you can get precise numbers.

Edited 11/27/2021 20:22:46
Beating Warzone Idle: 11/27/2021 20:22:49

Level 64
Buckle up boys, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!
- downvoted post by L.L.
Beating Warzone Idle: 11/27/2021 23:50:00

Level 62
Oh I must've missed that. Sorry about that.
Beating Warzone Idle: 11/28/2021 05:16:40

Master Jz 
Level 62
I don't think you can get precise numbers.

It's possible to hit precise numbers for all of the Phases, but some of them are convoluted enough that it's not worth the hassle.

Phase 1
Increase Cache Money x 19 (100%, 887 AP)
Increase Ore Sell Values x 7 (40%, 113 AP)
Total Cost: 1000 AP

Phase 2
Auto-Conquer x 10 (50%, 942 AP)
Increase Cache Resources x 10 (100%, 990 AP)
Smelters/Crafters Visibility x 10 (30, 615 AP)
Army Camp Discounts x 12 (24%, 990 AP)
Auto-Smelt x 1 (120 Minutes, 314 AP)
Mercenary Discount x 8 (45%, 892 AP)
Increased Alloy Sell Values x 11 (60%, 976 AP)
Increase Draft Sizes x 9 (90%, 885 AP)
Recipe Visibility x 10 (30, 705 AP)
Auto-Upgrade Army Camps x 1 (5%, 691 AP)
Total Cost: 8000 AP

Phase 3
Auto-Sell x 1 (120 Minutes, 1189 AP)
Start with Tech x 10 (10, 21089 AP)
Increase Money from Bonuses x 6 (35%, 2722 AP)
Total Cost: 25000 AP

Phase 4
Increased Clan Request Sizes x 19 (200%, 11050 AP)
Auto-Purchase Techs x 10 (50%, 3552 AP)
Better Hospitals x 10 (50%, 5518 AP)
Cache Visibility x 39 (195, 9030 AP)
Faster Digging x 10 (50%, 11810 AP)
Increased Cache Armies x 20 (100%, 25739 AP)
Simultaneous Levels x 2 (3, 33301 AP)
Total Cost: 100000 AP
Beating Warzone Idle: 11/28/2021 05:43:58

Level 62
Congrats for saying it first. But why bother respond to even point that out? No reason to call out Math on it. Though tbh, Math said it more clearly and eloquently.

L.L. said:
Well if you do it so often that after 1 Super-Ascancion you can instantly do another then you can infinitly Super-Ascand and you can say you beat WZI

Math specifically called out:
Choose +100 starting AP for 1340 times

You simply said "do it so often" -> what is "it"? Tbf, I had no idea what you were referring to what you originally said it (and clearly neither did Math), and you didn't quantify how many times would be required to give it real form.

But tbh, you're both missing 1 thing - you still need to re-clear Europe Huge in order to Super Ascend again, so even with a crazy amount of AP, the best you'll ever be able to do is max out Skip Levels to 10, then you can play 3 maps and skip in between to get to EH quickly, but you're still gonna have to finish 3 maps with limited Artifacts and whatever Adv's your AP gets you. I suppose to hasten it, you could hit Hard Ursa Luna and snag Superpowers, then use SP SL to skip another 10 and maybe get it down to 2? Not sure.

Anyhow ... point is, you need to clear EH to Super Ascend (actually not sure this is true? do we have confirmation - has anyone in their current Ascension NOT cleared EH but have enough AP in Phase 4 to clearly see whether the Super Ascend option is available?) you're still going to have to clear some levels, so in order to say you've "beaten" the game, you need to add a condition of having a decent set of Artifacts to assist the expedient clearing of said levels, so let's say minimally 3x Insane artifacts and the additional slot to carry all three? Which raises it to at least 1341 SAsc's.

But that's really only minimally beating the game. To really outright claim you've beaten the hell out of the game you need to have 1 of every artifact at Insane level and be able to carry them all over to the next Super Ascension. So you get 2 for free, but need to add 39 more carryover slots = 1379 SAsc's. So now the question becomes, would getting all 41 to Insane level naturally happen throughout the 1379 SAsc's or would you need to invest in +20% Faster Digging permanent benefit in order to achieve this?

Let's examine ... 1379 SAsc's = rough guess of clearing about 41K levels, doing about 800K digs/artifacts, and let's assume for easy math that they're all 800K artifacts are Poor level = ~53 Insane artifacts, so just about the right amount to naturally achieve all this without requiring any buffs, so considering the randomness of getting the occasional Common/Uncommon/Rare/Epic, should be more than enough.

Last consideration: since you're going to minimally need to play 2-3 levels to re-SAsc again, choosing +25% AP bonus a few times is likely going to give better speed results than going purely for '+100 starting AP after super ascending' each time. So there will be a range where the amount of AP from the 2-3 levels you need to clear in * some factor (X) of +25% AP bonus outweighs having +100 * same factor X starting AP.

Minimally one of the levels to clear will be EH, which gives base AP 3664.0, but let's assume with your 134K-ish AP buff, you're going to select buy into and max out the Increased AP to 25%, so then EH gives 4580.0 AP, now if you select +25% AP buff bonus instead, you can reach end of EH and be poised to re-SAsc with having just enough AP without having as much starting AP bonus. So far example with +125% AP (+25 AP from Adv, 4x SAsc bonus), now EH gives 13977.1 AP, so bonus of 9397.1 AP, which is 94 less SAsc's required. Other values may give different results.

Of course this only applies if clearing EH is an actual condition. If it's not, then the AP factor is moot but still need to get all the Insane artifacts and ability to carry them all over to the next SAsc.
Beating Warzone Idle: 11/28/2021 08:25:20

Level 60
Sorry i didn't mean to be rude.
Anyways if you have this many SAsc you can instantly SAsc again (if you don't need to beat EH)and you then can turn down the dig time to 0, the ap to Infinity (enough for Tutorial to give enough ap for getting all Advancments in the game)and the number of artifacts to 42 or how many different artifacts there are. Then you can play 5 levels at once with max ap so getting one of every single artifact to insane should be possible really fast. So if you don't need to play EH to SAsc, you can say you beat the game after 1340SAsc with +100 Start ap without having to consider artifacts.
Beating Warzone Idle: 11/28/2021 08:26:11

Level 64
actually not sure this is true? do we have confirmation - has anyone in their current Ascension NOT cleared EH but have enough AP in Phase 4 to clearly see whether the Super Ascend option is available?)

Currently I have EH not cleared but see the Super Ascend button (and could SA if I wanted to), so the only prerequisit seems to be having spent 100k AP in phase 4.
Beating Warzone Idle: 11/28/2021 08:29:35

Level 58
you should beat warzone idle like kratt defeated it
Beating Warzone Idle: 11/28/2021 09:02:29

Level 62
But why not get +25% AP 17 times? This way doing EH alone would grant enough ap to super ascend. You could super ascend every day at that level
Beating Warzone Idle: 11/28/2021 09:28:07

Level 60
Well, you would still need to play and you can make progress which means you haven't beaten the game.
- downvoted post by Loxiiv
Beating Warzone Idle: 11/29/2021 02:51:35

Level 62
Thanks, confirmed, just the AP is the requirement then.

It's not that you need the artifacts in order to beat all the levels, but that rather to declare that you've "beat Idle" which I'm interpreting as "done everything there is to be done", you should get 1 of each artifact to Insane. Of course long before that time, you will have done everything worth doing in the game. May as well add "max out every Advancement" (exception: just get 1 week of Idle time) but when you have that much bonus AP to start with, that will be easy to do.
Beating Warzone Idle: 12/3/2021 10:26:59

Dj Storm
Level 59
Some more calculations:
Let's assume it takes 6 months of playing, gaining AP to Super Ascend the first time.
Let's assume the carried over artifacts and the newly unlocked levels don't affect significantly the time needed for next Super Ascends. Same for increased rate of collecting artifacts, if one chooses faster digging.
This leaves +25% AP and +100 AP the ways to decrease playing time for future Super Ascends.
If a player chooses +100AP his first 1340 Super Ascends, each time he will reduce his next playthrough by about 3h15m . It comes out to ~330 years to Super Ascend 1340 times.
However, by choosing 25% AP, all future Super Ascends take 80% of the original time. 67% after 2x25%, 57% after 3, 50% after 4, and so on.
The fastest "beat" is achieved by choosing +25%AP 667 times, reducing the SAsc time to little more than 1 day, then choose +100AP the next 1340 SAsc. Total time, about 12 years 3 months (10 years 3 months for the first 667 SAsc, 2 years for the next 1340 SAsc).
Anyone up for the challenge?
Beating Warzone Idle: 12/3/2021 10:27:25

Level 58
ha you cant beat idle... IDLE beats you
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