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Idea: Battle Points Leaderboard: 9/16/2021 21:00:54

Level 61
Apologies if I'm not the first to state this as an idea, but it would be nice to have a battle points leaderboard.

My thinking is that it could be set up similar to the coin leader board where we can see who has earned the most BPs over a period of time. it would be cool to have an all time list as well.

There could be rewards for top 10 etc. as well if Fizzer wanted to go that route.

Anyone else have thoughts on this? Would a leaderboard make you more motivated to participate in battles?
Idea: Battle Points Leaderboard: 9/16/2021 21:07:05

Level 61
nope, as this is cumulative, and the grinding should make people stop at a certain point. Furthermore, if we oldtimers keep hogging the top spots, how are newcomers to get their time with one of the first five slots?

Edit: I'll likely be stopping at 12k8 BP, and i know thatbthere are plenty of oldtimers who have much more than I do.

Edit2: but this is my take only.

Edited 9/16/2021 21:08:19
Idea: Battle Points Leaderboard: 9/16/2021 21:21:54

Level 62
you could do it like with xp, and track who earned most BP in the last 30 days

however, i dont think tracking BP makes much sense, since BP mostly reflects how good your advancments and artifacts are. The highest i can reach in WZIB is 3rd if i'm lucky, while some players always get 1st while being afk.
Idea: Battle Points Leaderboard: 9/17/2021 21:18:23

Level 63
well, not afk.... you need to be physically there to activate and reactivate your artifacts
Idea: Battle Points Leaderboard: 9/19/2021 01:23:24

Level 61
@krulle Would your opinion change if there were more reasons to play battles? i.e. more rewards etc. I would have to believe that Fizzer had hoped that battles would be more popular than they currently are. I feel like if more people were signing up he could run more than 1 battle in a time slot and have tiered battles (maybe based off what phase you are in).

At the end of the day battles are a grind to get the bp based rewards and it would be nice to have a reason to keep playing them.
Idea: Battle Points Leaderboard: 9/19/2021 02:29:36

Level 61
To Krulle's point, there's really no point to playing WZIB past 12.8k BP unless you

(a) really like the game (most people just play for the rewards)
(b) really really want that Epic artifact reward @ 25.6k BP

But given how many games it took me to get to 12.8k BP (I lost count but it took >6 months and was likely >100 games), I really don't see myself playing another 100 to get the Epic.

If the game itself was more fun, or if there were more rewards, I'd likely reconsider, but once you get the 5 placement rewards + the first bunch of BP rewards, it's just a long & tedious slog for additional rewards.

If there were seasons with individual rewards (ie: everyone can get them, not competing with others for them - similar to the Territory Rewards in CW) in addition to season performance rewards (like the leaderboard you're talking about, or the Rank Rewards in CW), this could revive life into it. Individual rewards could be based on earned BP that season (ie: your placements in each match). They're already scaled to reward higher placements, so for example earning 250 in a season is reward #1, 500 is reward 2, 1000 is reward 3, etc.

But I also think the game itself is too simplistic. There should be a few more different 'modes', not just a race to finish a solitary map each time. Add some other variants, and pick a random one each 30 mins to compete on (or cycle through them). I'd like to see a true battle royal mode, where the WZIB "attack" is discard, everyone is on the same map, and fighting each other using the core WZIB/WZIC mechanics.

Edited 9/19/2021 02:33:03
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