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Strategic guide to a new QM Template: 9/15/2021 09:46:22

Level 57
Template name: duel lotto 1.0
Template link: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?TemplateID=1416423

Distribution in this template is automatic. There is nothing I can help you with here.

This template features no fog, meaning that you know where enemy is. There are no cards pieces, so you don't have to attack a territory every turn. Base income is 0, so try to complete a bonus as quickly as possible. This map contains one bonus better than others: Pirate. If someone manages to complete the bonus, he usually wins the whole game, so try to prevent the opponent from completing it. Template features SR without stand guard - expansion is very powerful. Right side of the map is better than left, you should focus there.
Lastly: order move is random, meaning that you can get 1st order several turns in a row.
Strategic guide to a new QM Template: 9/15/2021 09:47:36

Level 62
Thank you for creating a guide to my template! I created this in sep 2019, this guide has been very helpful! I'm happy that enough people enjoy this template for you to create this guide. thanks.
Strategic guide to a new QM Template: 9/15/2021 09:52:53

Level 63
Thank you for this guide, i've always found this template rather difficult.

Do you maybe have some example games as well, so people can see the guide in action?
Strategic guide to a new QM Template: 9/15/2021 10:18:41

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
Its very hard even for really strong players. I would call myself as relatively experienced player, though I can't manage to get over much more than 50% win rate.
Strategic guide to a new QM Template: 9/16/2021 06:09:45

Level 58
thanks a lot, I love the guide
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