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Suggestions for map orders display: 2021-08-30 15:11:45

Level 59
The display of arrows orders on the map is beautiful, intuitive and really helpful during play. There are a few tweaks that would make it more useful.

1. Attack or transfer?
It would be great if you could see immediately the difference between an attack on a teammate and a transfer. Perhaps transfers should be coloured in the teammate's colour, and attacks in your colour? That would make it totally self evident and you wouldn't have to go digging in the orders to see if your teammate(or you) is attacking or transferring.

2. We can't see deployments
During play the map shows the number of armies per territories, but you don't know how many were already there. It would be great if the numbers were highlighted in some way(maybe bold?) if you (or a teammate) have deployed there, or even showed the actual number of armies deployed in some way (perhaps a bubble?) or in brackets like 10(+3) for example

3. We can't see move sequence for orders
Maybe put the order sequence number somewhere on the arrow?

4. We can't see number of armies to attack/transfer for orders
Perhaps show the number of armies being moved in the middle of the arrow

5. Arrows are hard to see for delays/transfers to yourself
I recently changed my default colour to purple, and it is very hard to see transfers to myself as it is pretty dark and the arrow is outlined in black with a purple interior. Maybe make transfers to yourself a colour that is visible on all the player colours(light grey perhaps?)

6. Arrows partially cover the armies on a territory
It is hard to read the standing numbers on a territory being moved from, as the tail of the arrow obscures part of the number. Maybe the arrow could be shortened slightly to make the numbers more visible?

7. Highlight armies that can move
I find that I often forget to move spare armies in some corner or miss armies that I could use for delays on large maps. Perhaps they could be shown in a different colour or bolded or underlined?

Let me know what you think of these ideas.
Suggestions for map orders display: 2021-09-01 21:19:07

Level 63
1. If armies on target terr go up, it is transfer, if they go down, its an attack. Having different colored arrows would only add more information to the screen, making it even harder to see whats going on and where. On top of that, WZ already has plenty of colors, so it would only cause more confusion if arrows become multi colored.

2. There already is a bubble showing how much was deployed. Since 5 was deployed and the total is 10, you also know that it had 5 armies before the deployment.

3. If you just watch the turn, you will see every move 1 by 1 (thus you know the order). If you want to view it all at once, just look at the orders tap for the history, where each order is displayed in sequence.

4. The number of armies in an order is clearly displayed in a box in the middle of the arrow:

5. Same point as 1, would only cause more confusion. If you find purple hard to see, dont select purple as your color.

6. The arrows are indeed covering the numbers, but offsetting the tail too much from the center of the terr might cause the tail to be moved out of the terr when the terr is too small (<30 px big)

7. Having armies highlighted is troublesome because WZ then needs to figure out which armies you can still move. That effectively becomes a free AI, so thats not good. Highlight every territory with 0+ armies, is not a solution either, because most of the time you actually want those armies to stay where they are to defend or be useful in a later turn. On top of that, checking of you still have spare armies on the map is your own responsibility, and part of the skillset that makes you win or lose games.
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