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Clan: Noobtopia

Number of members: 3
Tagline: Representing Noobs With A High Bootrate Everywhere
Created: 11/9/2017

Bio: A Safe Environment For Noobs To Be Noobs.

Requirements Include:
-Statistics: Having a losing 1v1 rate is appreciated.
-Cockiness: The ability to NOT back up what you say.
-Counting: What noob doesn't mess up his counting at least once a game?
-Strategy: Constantly leaving those lvl50+ players confused.
Popularity: Everyone knowing your name for the wrong reasons ;)
-Blacklist: If you have Fairplay Woman blacklisted from a Rome 6v6 encounter OR she has YOU blacklisted....odds are you belong in this clan.
-Bootrate: The only standard we will hold you to.
-FINALLY: Realizing that Poog is your clan leader....xoxo

Clan Member Title
Boer Papa Bear
Gawron Gawroog
Poog xoxo