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Challenges: 8/15/2021 09:01:01

Level 50
People who have beat a challenge after the first 5 (Drakemor and after) what were your (relevant) advancements/artifacts when you beat the level?
Challenges: 8/15/2021 10:42:54

Level 62
Maxed out auto conquer
25% auto upgrade on camps
200% extra army production
Maxed out money and resource caches

Epic army camp boost
Epic bonus money boost
Rare money cache boost

I think those are my stats, but i cant check since my app still isnt updated 😭
Challenges: 8/15/2021 12:03:11

Level 64
Don't remember the exact percentages for all advancements, but the following were useful for beating more and finally all challenges:
- Increased AC production (420% if i remember correctly ?)
- AC auto upgrade (40% ?)
- AC discount (maxed)
- Increased cache money (maxed)
- Increased money from bonuses (90% ?)

(and ofc JS and auto-conquer, both maxed)

- Epic army camp boost
- Epic bonus money boost
- Epic army cache boost
(- Epic territory money boost worked well on a few challenges, too, instead of the cache boost)

Edited 8/16/2021 15:15:23
Challenges: 8/15/2021 17:20:57

Level 50
I have basically everything you've listed maxed, and I can't even beat the 7th challenge. Can you give me precise numbers so I can see what i'm doing wrong?
Challenges: 8/15/2021 18:31:19

Level 64
@megaol I updated the percentages as I remember them from the time when i finished the last challenge (April), they might differ a bit (but not much)
Challenges: 8/15/2021 20:32:20

Level 50
I have at least this much in all the listed categories, but still can't beat kpx... I feel like there's something I'm missing.
Challenges: 8/15/2021 20:45:53

Level 64
You have upgraded IACP by now? Maybe beating the challenges is even harder after the update (they were already insane before), idk.
Challenges: 8/15/2021 20:52:21

Level 50
Yeah, I maxed IACP. I have rare artifacts of the ones you mentioned, not epic, but with everything maxed instead of the percentages you mentioned, that should compensate? I guess it's possible the update made the challenges harder...
Challenges: 8/15/2021 21:38:52

Level 63

Edited 8/15/2021 23:46:07
Challenges: 8/15/2021 21:50:37

Level 50
This is for challenges, not battles
Challenges: 8/15/2021 21:52:38

Level 62
Is there no Challenge wizard in the house? Someone who has finished all of them (not just a few of them) and knows the specifics in what to do to clear them all?
Challenges: 8/15/2021 22:08:22

Level 64
i finished all. but that was before the update. I'll check how many challenges i can clear now when the update is available on playstore
Challenges: 8/15/2021 23:59:12

Level 63
sorry about my message before. As usually I didn't pay attention.

I have 10 challenges more to go.
I finished most of them last year before the update.
I don't think I'll play them any further because I need to unlock and max out auto-upgrade AC which I don't want to have at all.

I also don't think I need to rush those challenges. I want to ascend a couple of times before.

In my opinion you need to have your money production as high as possible, which means Increased money from bonuses maxed

After you have that (plus auto-upgrade AC), I guess that ACB+BMB+TMB should be enough.
Challenges: 8/16/2021 02:27:37

Level 37
Patch 5.07.10 made the challenge levels hard and many players got them all before that patch. I estimate the following is needed:

Phase 1: (14,213 AP)
- Max Increased Army Camp Production
- Max Increased Cache Money
- Max Joint Strike
- Max Increased Ore Sell Values

Phase 2: (12,722 AP)
- Max Auto-Conquer
- Max Increased Cache Resources
- Max Army Camp Discounts
- Max Increased Draft Sizes
- Max Auto-Upgrade Army Camps

Phase 3: (25,965 AP)
- Max Auto-Sell
- Max Increased Money from Bonuses
- Start with Tech (4x to ensure we get drafts)
- 55% Increased Item Sell Values (to unlock phase 4)

Phase 4: (??? AP)
- Max Auto-Draft

Future missions:
- Max Increased Alloy Sell Values
- Max Increased Item Sell Values
- Max Increased Cache Armies

For artifacts Army Camp Boost + Bonus Money Boost with the 3rd as situational.

Basically add auto-sell + ore values to sell all the ores from mines/resource caches and use drafts.
Challenges: 8/16/2021 15:12:16

Level 64
@Xeno I finished the last challenges after update 5.07.10 was released and I am also not aware of "many" players who have beaten all challenges before the previous update was released...

Anyhow, I now got update 5.14 for the app and tested if I could replicate beating the challenges. Ofc I have more advancements now than in spring but it should be informative nonetheless.

Current advancements:
(only those listed which are relevant for challenges, I don't have any auto-sell/auto-merc/auto-draft advancements):
- Increased ACP (maxed)
- Increased Cache Money (maxed)
- Joint strike (maxed)
- Auto-conquer (maxed)
- AC discount (maxed)
- Auto AC upgrade (45%)
- Increased Money from Bonuses (maxed)
- Increased Army Cache (25%)

I used BMB, ACB and Army Cache Boost (all epic) as artifacts on the first try. For those challenges which I couldn't beat, I exchanged Army Cache Boost with TMB (epic) [that said, TMB might also have been good to use in the first place, I didn't bother to check the time-to-completion differences for using the two artifacts]

(including time-to-completion in "days" for each challenge)
- Huruey's Castle 1
- FR 3
- WoW 1
- UL 1
- FE 2
- DW 4
- PW 6
- KPX not beaten yet
- FM 14
- Sengoku 10 beaten on the third try with epic ACB, epic army cache boost, rare money cache boost
- CCC 30
- Geopol 4
- BreakingG 12
- FarLand 9 beaten on the second try with TMB
- Recon 15
- FortH 19
- Europe1066 35
- AD1045 52
- OldT 225
- OVN 235
- Scan 192
- Asia 234
- Africa 2,851
- RiseAndFall 16
- Australia 47
- NL 3,878
- China 234 beaten on the second try with TMB
- Afro-Eurasia 4,459
- Triskelion 7,973 beaten on the second try with TMB
- USA 9,043
- Europe 10,330

So, I was able to beat almost all challenges with the current setup with the exception of the supposedly "easier" challenge KPX. I think I finished this challenge before update 5.07, so unsure how much the current update made it more difficult or not.

Overall, the times provide a good indication when you should put your mobile aside for 30+ min. :) (esp. US and Europe - luckily most are finished much faster...) But this also shows that the challenges are still highly unbalanced (for example when you compare the sequent challenges Africa and RiseAndFall).

Btw, I recommend to run a challenge a couple of times if it fails (particularly for the "close" ones, i.e. those in which your income goes up and down / stays at a similar level for a while), since there's not one-best way so the outcomes can differ (not much though, but for the close ones, it's worth a try)

Edited 8/16/2021 15:29:07
Challenges: 8/16/2021 15:19:04

Level 63
I was able to beat all challenges in version 5.13 (or 5.12, can't remember, but there were no changes), and I reset them afterwards. This is what I had at the time.

  • Increased Army Camp Production (460-470% might have had CW bonus as well)
  • Increased Cache Money (maxed)
  • Joint Strike (maxed)
  • Auto-Conquer (maxed)
  • Army Camp Discount (maxed)
  • Auto-Upgrade Army Camps (50%)

    Everything else in Phase 1/2 does not help.

    I had Epic ACB/BMB/TMB at the time.
  • Challenges: 8/16/2021 15:37:18

    Level 62
    That's it to finish all of them entirely, just the Advancements you've listed there? That list is much shorter than others seen here.

    Though the Epic ACB is +80%, and let's assume CW +40% buff was on so army production 590%.
    Challenges: 8/16/2021 15:39:41

    Level 63
    Other advancements, such as Resource Cache or Mine Upgrade Discount do not affect it, so I did not bother including.

    I did not have Phase 3 unlocked at the time.
    Challenges: 8/16/2021 15:48:00

    Level 50
    Thanks Olja! I think I was stuck because I was trying to beat kpx, without trying ones after it. I also can’t beat kpx but it looks like I’m making progress on the rest.

    One interesting note is I also have automerc — but because it prevents army camps from upgrading as much, I’m not sure it’s positive. I feel like we should have the option to turn off extra autos if they are actually negative, since it’s not easy to unbuy
    Challenges: 8/16/2021 15:50:06

    Level 62
    I feel like we should have the option to turn off extra autos if they are actually negative, since it’s not easy to unbuy

    Having the option to turn off or manage the auto-advancements (instead of always running at max level) is something that gets requested more often, but unfortunately there are no signs of anything being done to make this possible.
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