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hypothetical bad achievments: 8/5/2021 13:21:12

Level 62
Play 32 Levels Simultaneously

Buy +30% AP on Tutorial

Not have a Uncommon Artifact for 1 Year

Use a IM on the Tutorial

Max all increased ore advancements

Play all arenas simultaneously and Win in all

Damage Territory and Field Hospital every territory in all levels. Only available if 32 levels are being played simultaneously.

Hold 100T Copper Bars in tutorial

Claim 1000 straight poor artifacts

Max Every Army Camp, Mine, Hospital , In Every single level while playing 32 levels simultaneously

Achieve a stalemate in a Challenge

Have all powers on maps unclaimed,

Reset your Ap 100 times

buy 102B units of everything from every single market on every single map

Claim 100000 Daily Bonuses

After Maxing every AP upgrade, only have dug in Dig sites on a territory beggining with T

Never captured a bonus worth 346 Money/Turn after completing every level

Save 10000 timewarps and use them in Hurey's castle.

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hypothetical bad achievments: 8/5/2021 13:26:49

Level 60
This was so damn funny . . . a $1500 achievement! haha
Reset your AP 100 times

This one doesn't make sense. Everyone would get the achievement immediately b/c when starting WZI, we've never captured one. Then when we finally do, I guess it gets taken away? lol
Never captured a bonus worth 346 Money/Turn

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hypothetical bad achievments: 8/5/2021 13:27:37

Level 49
play a gazillion idle battles until you win all 3 of the following epic artifacts:
* Quadruple Strike
* Damage Territory
* Field Hospital
hypothetical bad achievments: 8/5/2021 13:28:50

Level 60
Is it possible to win 3 Epics from WZB?

Getting 1st place gets you 1.

Getting 12000 or BP gets you 1.

How to get the 3rd?
hypothetical bad achievments: 8/5/2021 13:52:52

Level 61
Get 7T BP for your 3rd epic

@rb you cant play more than 1 arena at once
hypothetical bad achievments: 8/5/2021 13:55:36

Level 62
wait you cant?
hypothetical bad achievments: 8/5/2021 14:04:28

Level 60
Get 7T BP for your 3rd epic

LOL, assume this is a joke?

7,000,000,000,000 BP would take decades. Actually just did the math, 8 million years of playing 48 times per day, getting 1st place every time. lol

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hypothetical bad achievments: 8/5/2021 14:58:48

Level 59
Upgrade an army camp to lv30
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