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faster games: 7/19/2021 07:53:38

Level 63
I know that similar has been discussed already, but imo we have to come back to this.
I recently experienced two 2v2 ladder games in which our opponents stalled the games really badly, means they used the full three days for many turns when they realized that they had lost.
When we asked them to speed up a bit, in both cases we got the answer to join faster games if we don't want to wait. I find this answer insolent, but indeed, this is also fizzer's official suggestion. When you create any games, you certainly can simply do this. But if you want to participate in activities like ladders, you don't have a choice to join faster games - there is no alternative.

So there are two options:
1) Create options like a 2nd 1v1 and 2v2 ladder with shorter boot times. You will see which one is more successful.
2) Adapt the booting rules for the current ladder to prevent exaggerated stalling. 2 days should be really enough to make a move, in particular since vacations are honoured. My personal opinion is that moves should "usually" be made daily, and for exceptional times, there is the tool of banked time.

I really ask you to think about this! We all are here to play and not to get nerved by stallers.

Edited 7/19/2021 08:43:04
faster games: 7/19/2021 08:12:16

Level 66
I am very much in agreement. The stalling is brutal and it goes against fairness and competition. Why do people join a game to play a game to then do everything in their power to not actually play it?
faster games: 7/19/2021 08:17:10

Level 58
bayeselo is the problem not boot time
faster games: 7/19/2021 09:09:14

Level 61
I totally agree. Make this for 1v1 ladder as well
faster games: 7/21/2021 19:35:12

Level 62
While you might feel that you are waiting from time to time, it is important to remember that you can have 2v2 teams with players that are not online at the same time.

If such a 2v2 team would want to communicate, there would be about an 12h delay between each message to eachother.

3 days is pretty much the minimum in team games so you can still communicate if both players are not online at the same time.
faster games: 7/21/2021 19:45:29

Level 62
Since we're chiming in . . . I like 3 days, and I like being able to use 3 days whenever I need it. Some months I use 3 days every move (and get booted on a couple games), other months I make moves 2-3 times per day.

But I think the real problem is what Loxiiv said ... fix the real issue which is what makes 'ladder stalling' beneficial, and people will stop doing it -- unless they're just like me, taking their time to move b/c that's how life is at that time. Some games takes weeks to months to play, so I can't guarantee that I can move every day, and the 3 day boot setting ensures that I don't have to.

I think it's working like it is meant to, just the rating system doesn't synergize with that, but rather works against it.

Also JK's point is valid ... in 2v2 and moreso 3v3 games, you need the time unless you're actually online at the exact same time as your teammates to chat in real time.

As for 1v1 ... sure, maybe a separate 1v1 quick ladder could have success to meet the needs of people who feel this way. Maybe someone could make it via CLOT and see if it's successful. No reason it can't be done that way if there's enough demand for it.
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