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The expansion of Europe: Physical Map: 7/6/2021 12:28:58

Level 37
Hello, I am the creator of ''Europe: Physical Map''(https://www.warzone.com/Map/40760-Europe-Physical-Map)
Since Fizzer changed the max map dimensions, opening some expansion possibilities. I'd like to know some thoughts from the community about whether should I expand it.

The medium expansion (850~950 territories, estimated)(option 1 in the vote):
  • Includes Levant countries, Northern parts of Libya & Egypt.
  • Includes the entire Black sea coast, with a bit Georgia.
  • Russia, Turkey and Maghreb countries receiving more coverage.
  • Additional 2-army-cities will be(not drawn yet):
    Casablanca, Cairo, Jerusalem, Damascus, Ankara & Volgograd.

The bigger expansion (950~1050 territories, estimated)(option 2 in the vote):

  • Includes all Caucasus countries, NW parts of Iran & Iraq.
  • Includes the NW Caspian Sea coast, with a bit Kazakhstan.
  • Russia, Nordic countries receiving more coverage.
  • More 2-army-cities will be(not drawn yet):
    Baghdad and maybe Yekaterinburg, Tabriz, Baku...
  • The major drawback: Army numbers will be slightly more crowded. {Just found out the medium expansion proposal already met the max dimension of 3500x2500 px, so the bigger expansion (little over the limit of 3500x2500 px) will require squeezing the existing map to 90% size, which is a borderline acceptable squeeze for the army numbers to fit in small city and island territories.}

Thank you for participating : )
7/12~8/12 Voting results:

Bigger expansion: 75%
Medium expansion: 25%

Do a second map: 75%
Overwrite the first map: 25%

Edited 8/13/2021 14:02:22
The expansion of Europe: Physical Map: 7/10/2021 01:04:30

Level 61
I've been playing on this map with some friends in a big FFA and its fantastic. Great use of geography to create chokes and strategic points to hold. It really allows for more strategic play and I love it!

I like the idea of expanding it because that just sounds even more epic, but would it be out of the question to expand it and then leave the current version for those who might prefer it? I personally like playing on maps that fit the size of the group I am playing with, so the more options the better.

And again, thanks for all the time you've put into making maps. I think as far as big maps go you make some of the best and most strategic. Keep up the excellent work!

Edited 7/10/2021 01:05:12
The expansion of Europe: Physical Map: 7/10/2021 17:20:38

Level 57
I agree with Israel, do both.
The expansion of Europe: Physical Map: 7/11/2021 11:45:48

Level 58
add Taiwan
The expansion of Europe: Physical Map: 7/11/2021 13:44:26

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 59
It is awesome you will update the map. I must say, my preference would be between option 2 and 3. Expand the furthest possible east and west, but not north. ^^
The expansion of Europe: Physical Map: 7/11/2021 20:32:41

Level 37
Thanks for the votes and suggestions
I added Israel's question about ''updating/overwriting the first map'' or ''preserve the first and do a second map.''
Vote here: https://forms.gle/qZdL86SbyL1M4Swe8

Also added the (previously lacking) map preview for the bigger expansion (https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=95496), and reset the votes just to make the vote fairer. Sorry for those who had voted before 07/12, please vote again.

Edited 7/11/2021 20:35:02
The expansion of Europe: Physical Map: 7/11/2021 20:48:33

Level 37
{Canidae} Kretoma, I didn't make an option for east-west only, but not north, because I prefer to keep the same map ratio. So expanding east means expanding north or south, inevitably...

Edited 7/11/2021 20:48:42
The expansion of Europe: Physical Map: 8/2/2021 10:18:45

Level 37
The vote will be ended on 12th August, after that I'll start working on it based on the results.
Thank you for participating : )
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