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top 10 abnormal fears: 6/23/2021 05:01:19

Level 57
I made a thread about abnormal fears a while ago but my list has changed since then. Most of these things I am relatively terrified of. In no particular order:

1. Getting stuck in tight spaces.

2. Edges (not heights - just looking over the edge of a tall place or looking up while standing under a tall building makes my knees weak).

3. Permanent scars from mosquito bites.

4. Anything to do with losing partial/total vision, I am extremely sensitive about eye injuries etc.

5. Highways, especially busy ones.

6. Driving in general (I have barely been in a car since Covid started and am not used to it anymore - it always feels out of control, like everything is one step away from colliding).

7. Ascending/descending steep hills (by foot, in a vehicle, etc).

8. Big waves in the ocean.

9. Dogs that aren't my own (I always go out of my way to avoid people walking dogs, and dogs in other peoples houses when possible).

10. Spiders and bugs in general.

11. Most places at night (the streets, forests, etc).

12. Stores that aren't well lit.

13. Jumpscares, I hate jumpscares with a passion.

14. Accidentally eating moldy food.

15. Being kneecapped like the IRA used to do.

16. Getting a papercut or bee sting in the eye.

17. Being pushed into a bonfire/campfire.

18. Falling/being pushed into the subway tracks pit.

19. Swallowing my tongue.

20. Getting HIV or any other STI.

21. Getting falsely convicted of rape.

22. Losing my phone/watch down a sewer gate.

23. Getting my eyes gouged out.

24. Getting a flesh-eating disease.

25. Getting electrocuted while showering during a thunderstorm.

26. Having my balls crushed by sitting on them/being kicked.

27. Having a needle stuck up my urethra.

28. My teeth losing their enamel over time because of brushing slightly too hard.

29. Getting a small object (eg. a pea) stuck up my nose.

30. Getting my circulation cut off by tight clothing to the point where I develop gangrene.

This thread probably makes me sound like a lunatic but I swear I'm mostly normal :D any of you have strange fears you'd like to share?

(edit: originally there were 10 on this list but I might add more as they come to me)

Edited 6/24/2021 23:46:05
top 10 abnormal fears: 6/23/2021 05:03:40

Level 64
losing rafflebot to the same people who win several times a day
top 10 abnormal fears: 6/23/2021 23:20:23

Level 58
being rejected by Xenophon
top 10 abnormal fears: 6/24/2021 01:26:30

Level 59
1. Getting murdered because some guy broke into my house while I slept but I just assumed it was a sleep paralysis hallucination and ignored it

2. Having to drive a Smart Fortwo

3. Being permanently sticky

4. Sea anemones poisoning me while I'm on the beach

5. Falling behind in skill and becoming one of those people who thinks NodeJS is the cool new thing in 2021

6. Getting testicular cancer

7. Becoming the kind of person who has to anonymously moderate a small gaming site

8. Stagflation tanking my stonks AND bomds at the same time

9. My desktop catching fire

10. Amazon losing my packages and having no recourse and getting stuck in an endless loop of reordering the same thing

Edited 6/24/2021 01:30:36
top 10 abnormal fears: 6/24/2021 14:15:43

Level 61
1. Edges. Yes like you Orannis.

2. Creatures with more than 6 legs.

3. Leaving my apartment forgetting to wear clothes.

4. Meeting French people. I cannot understand what they are saying...

5. Playing 1v1 with any Excel player and losing.

6. Staying alone without friends or a partner for my entire life

7. Getting lost in unknown neighbours without a GPS at night.

8. Joining a sect

9. Being brigaded for my political views.

10. Thinking about my top 10 abnormal fears
top 10 abnormal fears: 6/24/2021 17:50:09

Level 60
You can get permanent scars from mosquito bites??
top 10 abnormal fears: 6/24/2021 18:41:42

bliss machine
Level 62
no fear is abnormal. it's perfectly natural to feel fear. i think calling it irrational or unusual would be more apt.
top 10 abnormal fears: 6/24/2021 23:45:28

Level 57
thanks to all who gave serious answers :D I've gone and added a few more of my own so it's a top 30
top 10 abnormal fears: 6/26/2021 04:32:15

Level 60
1. Number 2 on this list

2. Number 3 on this list

3. Number 4 on this list

4. Number 5 on this list

5. Number 6 on this list

6. Number 7 on this list

7. Number 8 on this list

8. Number 9 on this list

9. Number 10 on this list

10. Orannis
top 10 abnormal fears: 6/28/2021 02:16:54

Level 57
Today I learned babies are born with both sets of teeth in their skull https://preview.redd.it/b2lhv3680p211.png?auto=webp&s=779a180392f84b9c6c669e1fd040386bc1b5a78e

New fear unlocked!
top 10 abnormal fears: 6/29/2021 23:21:52

Level 57
New fear unlocked: acid attacks (don't google if you are squeamish!)
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