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Mod Idea for better diplomacies: 6/8/2021 08:08:57

Level 57
The ability to transfer armies to players that are not on your team. Is it possible?
Mod Idea for better diplomacies: 6/8/2021 08:34:40

Level 58
this is already kinda possible without mods, with the gift card and the airlift card, but the downside is that the bonus gets broken, there is also a mod that's called: gift armies, however this mod will spread all the gifted armies equally to all territories of the gifted person.

it would indeed be cool if there was a mod/setting that you can airlift to players not on your team but I am not sure if that's possible
Mod Idea for better diplomacies: 6/8/2021 08:38:41

Level 63
There is already a mod for gifting armies to any player in the game, but that spreads out the armies you gift across all territories of the player you are gifting to.

As far as i know, there isn't such a mod for transfering armies from terr to terr, but i dont think that would be too hard to code up for you or someone else. (But maybe the userinterface for selecting the from and to territories is a pain in the ass to make.)
Mod Idea for better diplomacies: 6/8/2021 11:43:45

Level 60
It's easy to move armies from one territory to another. It's (borderline) impossible to have a good UI for a player to select two arbitrary territories.

Like, with the Airlift card, you can't click on a territory that you don't own.
You can have players type in the name(s) of a territory, but not great either.
You can have them select from a list, but also not great.

Basically, we need the option for mods to take input from a click on the map like, how the airlift card works. Then it would be much easier to do stuff like this, with a usable UI.

(This UI issue is probably why the other army gift mod does the random distribution thing.)

Edited 6/8/2021 11:44:43
Mod Idea for better diplomacies: 6/8/2021 18:13:55

Level 62
Best yet very awkward workaround I can think of ... is reuse Recon cards as the GIFT FROM territory, use Surveil cads as the GIFT TO territory, have popups for # of armies to send.

But as I said, it's awkward, but at least it wouldn't be selecting a territory name from a potentially long (and unsorted) list. If you've ever used the Nuke card on a large map, you know what a mess that is.
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