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SE Commander Bomb boot time: 2021-05-24 13:03:07

Level 63
Why does Combomb on CW (or QM in general) have such a ridiculous long boot time?

All the other SE templates have 1 minute boot + 2 minutes banked. I guess Fizzer just used the template as uploaded to QM, but i think he should change the banked time on that template. It's just too long for a RT game on a small and simple map like SE.

I think all the SE templates in CW should have a 2 + 2 boot time, since the current 1+2 feels a little too rushed for me.
SE Commander Bomb boot time: 2021-05-24 16:46:58

Level 58
You need to calculate a bit more there than in Small Earth since the kill rates with the commander involved are not that obvious as in other templates where it's basically "more armies --> better". However I do agree tha the boot timer there is very generous compared to the other templates.

My clanmates like the boot timer in combomb and that's also the reason some of them switched to that template as their number 1 choice. Also I'm sure that the combomb games have way less turns than ordinary Small Earth games and I'm also pretty sure that they last shorter in terms of time than other Small Earth games on average. The bomb card in combination with the commander is a potential game finisher. Just because the combomb has a relatively high boot timer does not mean that players use this to the max.

Edited 5/24/2021 16:49:07
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