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something weird happened: 4/25/2021 21:23:05

Level 16
https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=26680256 i was booted from the game and when round 1 ended everyone voted to end at the same time for no reason
something weird happened: 4/25/2021 22:47:28

Level 58
I think that's a case of Sugma
something weird happened: 4/25/2021 23:00:15

Level 61
When you got booted, you were eliminated from the game and replaced by an AI. Since you were eliminated, you cant vote anymore.

Also, since you have a 38% boot rate, stop joining games if you are not going to (be able to) play them.
something weird happened: 4/25/2021 23:04:54

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
Its quite a common practice for players to vote to end in the case they don't believe the game to be fair or fun anymore due to a player booting at the start.
something weird happened: 4/25/2021 23:36:44

Level 60
When you get booted, the game is essentially ruined b/c it's not fair anymore.

Some people force a team to play on in that case b/c they just want the win rather than an interesting or fair game, but some people prefer to just VTE and find a fair game to play with people who won't get booted.

Moral or the story: don't get booted, don't ruin games. (same thing JK said)
something weird happened: 4/26/2021 01:14:50

Level 60
i was booted from the game and when round 1 ended everyone voted to end
Read that. Again. Slowly.
something weird happened: 4/26/2021 03:09:05

Level 60
Ok, I read it again. Slowly. Same conclusion.

Let's break it down. Slowly.

i was booted from the game

So he didn't make a move on turn 1, and was booted and became an AI.

when round 1 ended

While waiting for the player to get booted, everyone else made their moves. AI made the move for the booted player.

everyone voted to end

Upon realizing that the last player to move didn't in fact make a move and got booted, everyone VTE'd.
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