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Black Listed for play style...: 4/21/2021 14:11:53

Level 57
Any one heard this before?

If you're interested check out the game history here
GameID 26625736

Black Listed for play style...: 4/21/2021 14:23:37

Level 59
there are dumb people like that. bl him too and move on.
also gg

Edited 4/21/2021 14:26:52
Black Listed for play style...: 4/21/2021 14:25:58

Athena's Child
Level 61
You can't control what people do with their game, so just let them BL you and move on, play more games.

Some suggestions since you mentioned your intent to improve in the game chat:
1. Don't play too much Auto Dist 0 Income game since it's mostly luck
2. It is nice that you asked to discuss the game after it ends, especially when you lost since it can help you see where you went wrong
3. Attack with effective numbers (e.g. 3,5,6,8,10,11, etc)
4. Try to join a clan, the right clan can help skyrocket your gameplay
Black Listed for play style...: 4/21/2021 14:30:42

Level 63
Don't let it bother you. People can blist for whatever reason they decide, and it has no impact on you.

I have blisted people for a variety of reasons in the past:
-Booting people
-Surrendering early
-Being rude
-I just don't like them

Basically, go ahead and blist them yourself, and don't worry about it.
Black Listed for play style...: 4/21/2021 14:43:30

Level 61
BL'd for play style ... without explanation ...? Was that intended to actual convey useful information? haha

Maybe he'll BL everything that beats him until all that's left is players he can defeat? lol
Black Listed for play style...: 4/22/2021 01:44:39

Master Shredtail 
Level 58
Yeahhhh this didn't make sense, I didn't see anything worth blacklisting for in that game. If anything, I'd probably blacklist him for being a bit of an ass
Black Listed for play style...: 4/23/2021 00:35:38

Level 61
I though you are one of the players who think that it is smart to not rise until I meet them, then attack with with all saved armies.

You... won because spawns? There wasn't anything about playstyle.
Black Listed for play style...: 4/25/2021 01:15:24

Level 58
Block* list*
Black Listed for play style...: 4/25/2021 23:07:57

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
Block* list*

Block list used to be called blacklist. A lot of players will still use the old name out of habit.
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