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CW stalling question: 3/22/2021 17:59:58

Level 59
If, somehow, every player on a Clan war game agree not to surrender/eliminate/booted so they can stall a CW game, what happens? Would the CW game force to shut down by admins?
CW stalling question: 3/22/2021 18:05:13

Johnny Silverhand 
Level 57
It's 2 minute autoboot, the game's not lasting more than a day or two unless someone bots.

ie. Not a real concern.
CW stalling question: 3/22/2021 18:05:24

Level 59
CW stalling question: 3/22/2021 18:06:05

Level 59
24/7. They attempt to stall as long as possible
CW stalling question: 3/22/2021 19:33:55

Level 42
Is this seriously a question? It’s very unlikely unless person A and person B has no life.
CW stalling question: 3/23/2021 08:54:04

Level 58
you'd be surprised how many people would be ready to do that
CW stalling question: 3/23/2021 08:58:42

Level 66
So, let them do that, that's still no real concern.
Neither of them gain anything, no other players are harmed.
CW stalling question: 3/23/2021 09:28:29

Beep Beep I'm A Jeep 
Level 64
I don't think the mentioned problem is really a problem, but there are some things to consider in a perfect world.

1. Some games are stalemates. Where one guy just constantly has to smash a territory and if he does something else, he loses. Same for the other guy, if he does something other than defending, he loses.
Now this is pretty rare so you could just disregard it, claiming the players have bad luck once in a while.

2. It's rt, and many people don't want to commit to playing for too long.

Solution: force finish as it is in the seasonal after 1 hour. However, this could technically also interrupt legit ongoing games and the players feel meh about it.
CW stalling question: 3/23/2021 15:01:59

Level 60
i mean have you tried staying up for 24 hours it isn't fun
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