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Tournaments: different reward structures ideas: 3/17/2021 21:36:45

Level 62
Ever won 5 tournament rounds only to loose on semi and end up with nothing?

Feel your pain...

How about poker-type bounty reward structure?

Half of the buyin goes to the regular prize pool...

The other half goes directly to whoever beats you...

Win 2 rounds to break even, win 3 to profit. Sounds great?

IT makes rewards proportional to actual progress in tournament. Wouldnt be hard to implement that.

My other proposal is winner takes IT all structure. Pretty self-explainatory.

Any thoughts?
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Tournaments: different reward structures ideas: 3/17/2021 23:45:32

Level 59
I like the poker idea a lot, would definitely get me joining more coin tourneys! +1

Edited 3/17/2021 23:46:15
Tournaments: different reward structures ideas: 3/18/2021 00:04:52

Level 60
Isn't that already an option when creating a tourney? I've definitely seen some that give prizes to 1st, 2nd, 3rd ... not sure beyond that.

But I guess you're saying even 4th, 5th, 6th, ... (and beyond?) would also get prizes in this system?

The biggest problem I can see with this system is while this could be fine for the high stakes tourneys which are >100 coins (just means the 1st/2nd/3rd places prizes go down in value), many of the tourneys are already only giving out 10-20 coins to the winner, so dividing that up among 8-10 players means there's not actually enough to go around to make winning mean anything anymore relative to the other prizes.
Tournaments: different reward structures ideas: 3/18/2021 03:08:46

Level 62
3rd place is paid in double elimination tournaments.

tournament creator pays for IT so should be able to choose reward structure to suit his needs...
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