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Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/26/2013 05:54:57

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
Szew's gonna hate me. Not only did I not really want to do Poland 1v1 this week, but I also am sporting his least favorite 2v2 template of all time. Please read the settings carefully, they're fun but only if you get it.

We will be doing a shortlist RR next week, if you're up for doing it go ahead and ask me, the invites will be given, but realize we pick only top tier players.

Anyways, if anyone else feels they have the computer necessary and the voice to host events on War Gaming Live, let me know! I'd love to bring a 3rd host in so we can do more events and Myth and I can take some breaks here and then. Skype still hasn't changed.

The Ultimate Teamplayer will be delayed. We are allowing a backlog of games before we begin the actual show. So sorry. Gui(The Chameleon now) has quit the event and so his replacement will be JSA. Schedule can be seen here:


Here's the templates for this week:

1v1: http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?TemplateID=128409 Strategic East Asia & Oceania
2v2: http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?TemplateID=270805 Asian Wastelords 2v2

Big thanks to all of you for watching and helping out and good luck this week!

Times & Dates: 12:00PM US/Central @ January 26th, 2012 (1v1)
12:00PM US/Central @ January 27th, 2012 (2v2)
4:00PM US/Central @ January 29th, 2012 (Coffee Break)

Stream URL: http://twitch.tv/wargaminglive
Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/wargaminglive
Twitter: @Wargaminglive

Methods of joining:

The easiest way to join this tournament is to post here. You will be thrown into my invite list directly, and be thrown into the total count of participants. This will help me gauge how many people will be playing and how big to make the tournament.

There are two other ways to join. I will be making a "Lobby" to test whether or not the participants signed up are active. This will show up in the tourney listings. So either you can be invited to it, or join it outright.


Even if you post here and get thrown on my invite list your spot is not guaranteed. You have to prove to me you're on at that time. I will be inviting everyone I know on Warlight into this "Lobby", to guarantee your spot you must join that tourney.


You may be disqualified from ever entering the tournament again if you:

1. Fail to join the actual tournament.
2. Get booted during the actual tournament.

It is up to the host's discretion.


Currently, Mythonian, Kcscrag, and I are the hosts. We have 2 official expert commentators named Dunga and Szeweningen. We also have 2 official support commentators named Reza and x. If you're interested in becoming a commentator (especially useful when one of us doesn't feel up to doing it), invite me to a game or add me on skype at Lolowut. You must have skype in order to become a commentator, I'm not willing to play around with unfamiliar programs. Only things you'll have to prove to me is that you have enough knowledge of 1v1 and in some cases 2v2 in order to accurately analyze a game, and not have a boring voice.


Q: What happens if we don't get a nice number of people that would make the brackets logical?

A: Everyone who joined the Lobby will be thrown into the actual tournament, if the number of people is greater than the bracket, then it becomes a contest of joining fastest. I'm not willing to set up byes and odd brackets and host the tourney through invited games. Sorry, just the way I run it.

Q: Who hosts the stream or tournament if none of the hosts(Lolowut, Mythonian, Kcscrag) can?

A: Anyone can host it. I'm sure if I'm unable to host it I'd be willing to give you tips on how to do it. The stream requires a great computer, so be careful.

Q: I don't have a great voice and speak English terribly, but I do want to help the analysis, how do I do so?

A: Add Mythonian or I on skype. Me @ Lolowut and Myth @ Mythonian. We both have skype up during the tourney and can get your thoughts conveyed.

Q: I signed up, but I'm not getting invited. Why?

A: If you were disqualified from entry ever again, I've invited you to a game and informed you. Plead your case, I may be willing to let you back in.

Past Winners:

#1 (Sept. 8th): Zerbi (1v1)
#2 (Sept. 15th): Szeweningen (1v1)
#3 (Sept. 22nd): Phantasmagoria (1v1)
#4 (Sept. 29th): Szeweningen (1v1) Myhand and Szeweningen (2v2)
#5 (Oct. 6th): Heyheuhei (1v1)
#6 (Oct. 13th): Timinator (1v1) (Oct. 14th): Timinator and Heyheuhei (2v2)
#7 (Oct. 20th): Brisk (1v1) (Oct 21st): Timinator and Heyheuhei (2v2)
#8 (Oct. 27th): Timinator (1v1) (Oct. 28th) Simba and Myhand (2v2)
#9 (Nov. 3rd): Szeweningen (1v1) (Nov 4th) Trilussa and Gnuffone (2v2)
#10 (Nov. 10th): Timinator (1v1) (Nov. 11th): Myhand and Gnuffone (2v2)
#11 (Nov. 16th): Tie between: Timinator - Heyheuhei - Frankdeslimste (SLRR)
(Nov. 17th): Heyheuhei (1v1) (Nov. 18th): Timinator and Heyheuhei (2v2)
#12 (Nov. 24th): Aper (1v1) (Nov. 25th): Timinator and Myhand (2v2)
#13 (Nov. 30th): Heyheuhei (SLRR) (Dec. 1st): Heyheuhei (1v1) (Dec. 2nd): Dunga and x (2v2)
#14 (Dec. 8th): TheWarlightMaster (1v1) (Dec. 9th): Psy, Gangnam, and Fridge (3v3)
#15 (Dec. 15th): Timinator (1v1) (Dec. 16th): Dunga and x (2v2)
#16 (Jan. 5th): Frankdeslimste (1v1) (Jan. 6th): Gnuffone and Frankdeslimste(2v2)
#17 (Jan. 12th): Dunga (1v1) (Jan. 13th): Timinator and Heyheuhei (2v2)
#18 (Jan. 19th): Timinator (1v1) (Jan. 20th) Szew and his alternate (2v2)


Timinator: 10 wins 1 tie (side note: In 2v2s, Tim and HHH have 4 shared wins)
Heyheuhei: 8 wins 1 tie
Szeweningen: 5 wins
Myhand: 4 wins

Congrats to the winners and legends!

- Lolowut
Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/26/2013 07:07:19

Level 60
I am very disappointed with you Lolowut...

Guys, write here if you want my Poland 1vs1 template for week #20:
- random warlords 0% luck straight round
- 5 starts of 4
- Warszawa, Opole and Kielce reduced to 0
- 1 abandon card
Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/26/2013 08:08:15

[WG] Reza
Level 58
Does the above post sound like mafia to anyone else? :D
Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/26/2013 09:16:11

Level 55
I hereby declare this thread notable.
Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/26/2013 16:10:56

Level 59
I will be in the 1v1 and 2v2 (Although i think i will never ever have the same kind of teammate as Nathan [you are awsome by the way])
Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/26/2013 18:27:19

Harbringer of Change
Level 13
I WOULD be in the 1v1, but SOMEBODY wouldn't let me join. So, I will be in the 2v2 with my fellow commentator-hater.
Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/26/2013 19:16:58

Level 61
Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/26/2013 19:46:30

anti-animal human
Level 1
Gimme them bullets! Those filthy bastard ain't gonna live another day. Not on my bloody site, they won't.
Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/26/2013 20:46:29

Harbringer of Change
Level 13
You! I thought that what I did to you LAST time we met would be enough to keep you away. Very well. If you wish to fight, then fight we will!

Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/29/2013 21:11:16

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
Lolowut's Coffee Break starts in 50 minutes from this post!
Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/30/2013 16:29:08

Level 61
Poland 1 V 1 !!! invite me
Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/30/2013 21:02:46

Level 55
me too invite please
Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/31/2013 00:58:29

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
Yes, next week will be poland 1v1.. I give Szew, you win ;(
Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/31/2013 01:05:02

Level 55
the pole in me so happy. now fight for motherhood!
Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/31/2013 04:43:58

Level 57
I will conquer Poland! Lithuania forever!
Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/31/2013 05:12:04

Level 60

Modified settings with reduced bonuses, very good template for 1vs1.
Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/31/2013 08:31:57

[WM] แต€แดดแดฑ๐“•๐“ป๐“ฒ๐“ญ๐“ฐ๐“ฎ 
Level 59
Why was Opolskie and Warminsko-Mazurskie rounded up instead of down when reducing bonus? I'd rather stay with the regular bonusses but with +0 for single city bonusses not to spoil random warlord distribution.

Apart from completely different dominant expansion strategy one of the things that make this map unique is that you have to control big income, not many players are familiar with, which makes it much more difficult to estimate how much income does the oponnent get at the given moment. It's sort of like in sports betting, poker, stock xchng, forex, etc. where many people are very good as long as they operate on small sums, but go bonkers after the stakes grow higher - we might see similar mechanisms here, plus it would be nice to see who can handle macromanagement, predictions, and risk management while under _impression_ of having unnecessarily big income.
Live Events: Week #19 (Witty line goes here): 1/31/2013 08:39:58

Level 55
Mr Swayze, why did you change the value of Oopsie and Droopsie?
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