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❷ Wolves ❷: 8/21/2014 21:59:35

Level 63
Welcome to the party game WOLVES!

http://warlight.net/Forum/Thread?ThreadID=52286 - Game 1

If you've never played before, check this link:

For those unaware of how the game works, it is split into two phases, days and nights, though to allow people time to come to conclusions online, these days and nights may last several real days.

Not really. You sign up and vote for someone to be lynched, usually, by popping into the thread every now and again. Voting is open practically all the time anyway.

The basic narrative is you're all VILLAGERS and then one crazy night it's discovered there's a WOLF in your midst.

A VILLAGER gets killed, and all the VILLAGERS, knowing a WOLF is among them, vote to lynch someone.

"Days" will obviously last a few real days to allow villager votes to come in. Nights might be a bit shorter, as the wolf contingent can just mail me.

The Villagers - that would be most of you. But amongst you, people who say they're Villagers may well be...

The Wolves - there are an unknown number of werewolves, they will eat one villager per night.
The aim of the game for ordinary villagers is vote to lynch the wolf correctly to avoid being eaten. Often villagers who seem to know who the wolves are will be quick to be killed off.

(It will be revealed to wolves who their wolfy brothers are. It is recommended that they stay privately in contact with each other via mail or whatever to kill off people tactically.)

One wolf is 'head wolf'. If Seered, they will show up as a villager.

Seer - Has the ability to discover the true nature of one individual each night.
Angel - Has the ability to protect one person from werewolves each night.
Muse - Has the (one-time) ability to copy one player. If they out-live the copied player, they will assume their role.
Vigilante - Has the (two-time) ability to shoot a player dead.
The Muse can act at any time, day or night. The other Specials act at night only.

Public voting will be open in the "daytime" following the first murder, for a set amount of time. Anyone not voting will simply not get a vote.

Then will follow the night time where werewolves will mail me a joint decision of who to kill off next.

The special villagers must mail me too.

1. Votes to be announced in the thread in bold and in capials. DO NOT EDIT YOUR VOTE POST. If you want to correct something in it, then quote it & edit the quote. Any edited vote posts will be at the detriment to the team you are on, even if it is just to correct spelling or grammar.

2. Only mails sent from me are official. If you fall for anything claiming to be from me, unlucky.

3. It goes without saying, but do not try to ruin the game please. If you are in any doubt as to what is or isn't acceptable, drop me mail. No screenshots, no hacking accounts, no dead chat, no alts. Aside from the humorous smileys or gifs posted when you're dead, keep your theories/rants/accusations to yourself until after the game is complete. Again, any deadchat in the thread that I feel oversteps the line or hints at anything, will be followed by a punishment to the remaining members of your team. Basically - do not use the thread when you are dead.

4. Deadlines: The deadlines in this game will be announced for both day & night actions. Some of you will have special actions, so make sure you are aware of the deadlines! Night actions can be sent in in advance, and changed at any point prior to the end of the night phase.

5. All night actions must be received by mail to me before the night deadline. I will try to collect decisions from wolf chat, but it is your responsibility to make sure I know who you want to use your actions on (if relevant).

6. Just have fun! It's designed as a fun game, so enjoy it!

Edited 8/31/2014 20:57:41
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/21/2014 22:00:14

Level 63
Game Updates:
Day 1 - master of desaster is DEAD. He was a villager. (p17)
Night 1 - Pulsey is DEAD. He was a villager. (p19)
Day 2 - his balls. is DEAD. He was a WOLF. (p32)
Night 2 - Silver is DEAD. He was an ANGEL. (p34)
Night 2 - A MUSE had chosen to copy Silver. He is now an ANGEL. (p34)
Night 2 - G. Arun is DEAD. He was a WOLF. (p34)
Day 3 - Genghis is DEAD. He was a villager. (p40)
Night 3 - Kasparov has been saved from a WOLF ATTACK by an Angel. (p42)
Night 3 - myhandisonfire is DEAD. He was a villager. (p42)
Day 4 - Lord Veigar is DEAD. He was an ANGEL. (p48)
Night 4 - Kasparov has been saved from a WOLF ATTACK by an Angel. (p49)
Day5 - Ska2D2 is DEAD. He was a Villager. (p52)
Night 5 - skunk940 is DEAD. He was a VIGILANTE. (p53) (There are no more vigilantes)
Night 5 - Blue is DEAD. He was a Villager. (p53)
Night 5 - Ehrmantraut is DEAD. He was a Villager. (p53)
Night 5 - fuzzywumpkin is DEAD. He was a Villager. (p53)
Night 5 - Lawlz is DEAD. He was a Villager. (p53)
Night 5 - MEH! is DEAD. He was a Villager. (p53)
Night 5 - Riyamitie is DEAD. He was HEAD WOLF. (p53)
Night 5 - wakanarai is DEAD. He was a Villager. (p53)
Day 6 - Apollo is DEAD. He was the MUSE turned ANGEL. (p56) (There are no more angels)
Night 6 - Kasparov is DEAD. He was a SEER. (p57) (There are no more Seers)
Day 7 - Hermes is DEAD. He was a villager. (p60)
Night 7 - Ace Windu is DEAD. He was a villager. (p60)
Night 7 - MysteryManBall is DEAD. He was a villager. (p60)
Night 7 - Phulesdorp is DEAD. He was a MUSE. (p60)

The wolves (bdh1998, gk, Gnuffone, G. Arun, his balls. & Riyamitie) win!

Edited 9/16/2014 15:09:57
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/21/2014 22:11:23

Level 54
I'm assuming everyone will play again. I will.
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/21/2014 22:11:42

Level 54
I will give it a try.
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/21/2014 22:11:56

his balls. 
Level 60
Yup. No village idiots this time please.
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/21/2014 22:12:06

Level 58
I'm up for it this time. Doctor Stupid's on vacation. ;)
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/21/2014 22:21:49

Level 57
I'm in again
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/21/2014 22:23:45

Level 54
I would love to be a village idiot.


first task, get no balls lynched!
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/21/2014 22:26:58

Level 63
Myhand, for the definition of village idiot, just read thread 1!
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/21/2014 22:33:20

Level 28

@Myhand, read my last post on thread 1! It's on how to be a successful village idiot! Also gives you added insight on why I did things when I really shouldn't.

Edited 8/21/2014 22:50:32
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/21/2014 23:56:57

Level 58
Im totally in on this. In case you dont know, this is a spin off on a card game called mafia, which is exaclty the same thing. Always fun in groups.
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 00:04:19

Ace Windu 
Level 56
I'll play.
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 00:39:12

Level 37
I'd like in please
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 01:01:46

The National Socialist
Level 54
Me again :p
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 01:49:00

Lord Veigar
Level 28
Im in.
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 03:07:13

Level 60
I'll play, and can you please call it Mafia? I'm more used to it, as is most everyone else.

How many town, mafia, docs, cops, etc.?
Are there any other pr like gs, hooker, fool, bomb, juggernaut, gov?

pr = power role, like doc or cop
gs = gunsmith, gives a person a gun that can be shot at anyone during the day (gun reveals who shot it), sided with town
hooker = role blocks (cop gets no report, doc doesn't get to save anyone), sided with mafia
fool = tries to get lynched, technically sided with town
bomb = if killed at night, explodes and kills a mafia (if multiple mafia, it's whoever suggested killing the bomb first), if lynched, does nothing, sided with town
juggernaut = like bomb, but when killed at any time, can choose someone to take with him to the grave, can have mafia juggernaut or town juggernaut
gov = governor, can overturn a lynch ONCE and pick who to lynch, but can't override no lynch, also has two lives, sided with town

Are there multiple mafias? Like spades mafia vs hearts mafia vs town?
Are there death reveals? Like when someone dies is their role revealed to all?

Just some ideas off the top of my head when I played mafia obsessively :)

Edited 8/22/2014 03:14:23
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 04:16:13

Level 56
I'll play please/
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 05:12:06

Level 59
I'll go for it, I suppose
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 05:22:10

master of desaster 
Level 65
i'm in too. too hard... i read thread 1 and couldn't do anything against the obvious wolves ^^
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 06:01:41

[WM] ᵀᴴᴱ𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓭𝓰𝓮 
Level 59
seriously? notable post???? who is the moderator? Skunk or hellbender?
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 07:12:02

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
I'm in please.
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 07:15:59

Level 63
seriously? notable post???? who is the moderator? Skunk or hellbender?

Deal with it *smugface*

gk - I'll keep it as wolves, as I'm more comfortable with that, there's continuity, etc. As for more roles, that really depends on the number of sign-ups. We only had 14 last time, so 3x wolves, 1x seer & 1x angel was plenty of specials. If we get more, I do have a few ideas....
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 07:31:30

Level 35
I play

I like to playyyyyy!

Edited 8/22/2014 07:33:50
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 08:26:51

Level 58
I'm in.

@AlterEgoist: Despite my years of Warlight experience I am not a moderator.
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 08:30:47

{rp} eisenheim
Level 57
I am in.
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 08:41:45

Level 35
I am in again

Edited 8/22/2014 08:42:49
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 09:13:21

Level 56
I'll play.
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 10:00:41

Level 55
Yes yes!
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 11:04:36

Level 58
count me in for this
❷ Wolves ❷: 8/22/2014 13:10:18

Level 49
If enough people join, will extra roles be added?

e.g. I've heard of some variations where there is a "mayor" who gets an extra vote.
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