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New time mode for real time games? Suggestion.: 8/17/2014 22:15:57

Level 60
Has anyone ever thought of having a time limit for the game (and not the turn)?

Ex. Instead of having a 5 min turn game, have a 10 min /game (10 per player).

This is useful if you need the game to end within a given time frame.
The main use would be for 1v1 (and 2v2, 3v3 etc) games,
Allows for that one WC break


If the first turn ends in a boot you would have to wait all the game time (could also be viewed as an adv as player has time to show up)
Could be confusing in more then two sides games, as every part has a different clock (and all clocks needs to be viewable.)

Also the mode should allow for time added per turn made (for ex. 1 min.) EDIT. Banking Boot covers this somewhat, (banking boot is not a constant adding)

Edited 8/17/2014 23:04:18
New time mode for real time games? Suggestion.: 8/17/2014 22:25:28

Good Kid 
Level 56
Err, you'd win by just taking turns as fast as possible and not being eliminated when the marginally slower opponent got booted whether they were winning or not. That is without time added per turn anyway.

With time added per turn this is redundant, banking boot times already exist.
New time mode for real time games? Suggestion.: 8/18/2014 02:25:02

Level 61
I wouldn't mind this idea. It would be kind of like playing a game of chess with clocks.
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