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Clan: SNinja

Number of members: 27
Tagline: Stealth Ninja Clan
Created: 2/13/2014

Bio: Currently slaughtering WG in Clan League 10.

SNinja Recruitment:

Those interested in joining should contact almosttricky, rakleader or a clan manager. To be considered, you must have a boot rate of less than 15% and a minimum of 50 games. Tryouts required.

⋆ Clan Manager
SNinja Membership and activity:

Members are encouraged to represent the clan on various ladders and tournaments and be active with the internal chat and forums. SNinja operate an internal Promotion/Relegation league which enables players to develop on various maps and templates.

Ladder Achievements:Top 15

☞ 1v1 ladder:
1st The Guy (2318)
2nd TomTrix (2179)
4th Aquaholic(2024)
9th rakleader(2089)
12th Brutus (2019)

☞ 2v2 Ladder:
1st rakleader/Boubou (2235)
2nd Brutus/Kayn (2143)
4th Tulan/rakleader (2110)
6th almosttricky/Diabolicus (1977)

☞ 3v3 Ladder:
1st rakleader/Jaymer/Leinad (2192)
3rd almosttricky/Master Bjarke/smileyleg (1845)
5th <SNinja> kerozin/Rodolfo/Unicum (1616)

☞ Seasonal Ladder:
10th rakleader (3326) XXV

☞ Real Time Ladder
3rd rakleader (1877)
6th Brutus (1820)

Earn Ninja Stars by completing the following Ninja Missions
☆10% or less boot rate
☆5% or less boot rate
☆Played in 500 games
☆Played in 1000 games
☆Played Warlight for 1 year
☆Get a high enough rank to be featured on Clan Ladder achievements
☆Playing 50 ladder games
☆Rank of 1500 or higher in a ladder
☆Represent the Stealth Ninjas in the Clan League
☆Win 12+ player FFA ranked game
☆Win 24+ player FFA no loto

Ninja Ranks
0-2 stars - Recruit
3-4 stars - Genin
5-7 stars - Chūnin
8-10 stars - Jōnin

Clan Member Title
rakleader 10 Jōnin ⋆
<SNinja>kerozin 10 Jōnin
Rudii 7 Chūnin
Pimboli 9 Jōnin
Brutus 8 Jōnin
<SNinja> kerozin 7 Chūnin
<SNinja> kirbyBIGRIG 6 Chūnin
d-ceo 6 Chūnin
Timtimie 6 Chūnin
Tulan 5 Chūnin
Banner 7 Chūnin
Jaymer 8 Jōnin
beerisfood 6 Chūnin
AngryDuckling 5 Chūnin
The Guy almosttricky alt ⋆
AquaHolic 8 Jōnin
Maxamoose 5 Chūnin
Art Vandelay ChrisCMU
Cookie Bunny 8 Jōnin
Marvin the Martian