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quickmatch: 2/12/2021 15:49:15

Level 55
When you gain a new template, why does QM default to select the new template as one that I want to play?

If I want to play the template, I will select it.

It is easy to win a game, be "awarded" a new template and have a game start on it before you even know that the old game is finished.

So, you are forced to play a game on an unfamiliar template that you had no intention of playing, possibly for coins.

It would be nice if the player could control this instead of being hijacked into a game they did not want to play.
quickmatch: 2/12/2021 15:58:28

Max Scherzer 
Level 62
Just check your templates before you hit play, it's not that hard.
quickmatch: 2/12/2021 19:39:10

SubLunar Unit 
Level 60
quickmatch: 2/12/2021 19:42:15

Leia - Princess of Coinwheels
Level 58
Now you know a new template appears when you unlock it, you can go to the template section and untick it if you don't want to try it in Quickmatch.
quickmatch: 2/12/2021 19:45:36

Level 61
While having auto-enable new templates is kinda annoying for some players, it is needed.

Most of the players on WZ will never play anything else besides QM, they will never see forums/ladders/MDL/clans/etc, and if they would not have their templates enabled by default, they would never be able to advance past SEAD. On top of that, most QM templates are not so bad I would want to disable them.

However, I do agree that you should have the chance to review a template before getting into a game on it due to the auto enable. For RT, this isn't an issue, since you have to click the play button.
For MD it is, since a new game could be created as soon as the old one finishes.

To solve that, all newly unlocked QM templates should have a 1 day review time before they can be used in MD QM games.
quickmatch: 2/13/2021 08:29:49

Level 55
Thanks, JK Your explanation and suggestion make sense. I guess it might have been nice to mention that it was a multi-day issue.

It isn't a world ender. I just have some control issues.

Edited 2/13/2021 08:43:02
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