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New diplo mod for land exchange: 2/10/2021 06:27:58

Max Scherzer 
Level 62
Whenever I am in a diplo, with mods such as adv mod diplo 4, land exchange becomes cumbersome, with having to declare war through the mod, cancelling alliances and what not. Gift cards are usually either non existent, or cost too much to buy. So I was thinking, would adding a "land exchange" feature work? It would be the same as declaring war, except:

1. You wouldn't have to cancel any alliances.
2. You don't have to wait 1-2 turns.
3. You can set the # of territories you are allowed to take, to insure the integrity of the deal.

So any thoughts?
New diplo mod for land exchange: 2/10/2021 10:37:36

Level 60
how would that be even coded?
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