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Trade Mod: 2/7/2021 22:43:52

[IA] Rezgo 
Level 57
Trade Mod Idea

So the idea is for an in-game mechanic or it could be a card too. But I think it would work better as a mechanic with its own menu.

The idea is to have a mechanic where if both parties agree to trade with each other then they will receive a bonus to their income based on the following equation. [ The trading bonus received by both agreeing players would = 2.5% of players A's income + 2.5% of player B's income. ]

If there were a limited number of trading partners allowed (adjustable in the settings) This would be interesting for diplomacy. Especially with the above equation as some trading partners would be more valuable than the others.


Trading is meant to be incentivized, there's not many downsides to it.

To add to the diplomacy / strategy. I think it would be best if players can only agree to one trade agreement per turn.

So players would really have to hunt around and find another player who is willing to sign an agreement on that turn.

One downside is this would be a buff to the larger players, as everyone will want to trade with the USA / China.


Potential concerns : Would having the option of that extra bonus break the game?

Would this cause everyone to use it?

Should the agreements by based on x turns agreed?

Should there be some downside to this?

Will this be publicly announced?

My thoughts on common concerns.

1. "Would having the option of that extra bonus break the game?" : This is also my biggest area of concern. I don't think it would necessarily break the game in terms of income, but this mechanic may just work out to make the rich richer. But I don't think it would be all too problematic, as that's often how IRL world trade works. If the math behind this mechanic is too broken then we could change the trade bonus to being = 2.5% of the income of the country you agree to trade with. (( As factoring in 2.5% of the players own income in every trade may be too much of a bonus if the player is already massive in size ))

2. "Would this cause everyone to use it?" : Yes it would become the meta in all games where this feature is enabled as not making trade agreements would result in missed income. It would result in more diplomacy overall and limiting it to just being able to sign one trade agreement per turn would lead to signing a new trade agreement being a part of taking your turn.

3. "Should the agreements by based on x turns agreed?" : It could be but I feel like having indefinite trade agreements would be better as everyone would just agree to the maximum amount of turns each deal, Having them be indefinite makes them less tedious. And of course, part of the mechanic would be that if one player withdraws from the agreement the deal is off and nobody receives a bonus, come next turn.

4. "Should there be some downside to this?" : I think the downside would be not participating, I can think of an in-game way to have a downside. (( In the real world there is a lot to be said for more localized economies, as they are more sustainable, and less likely to be impacted by global economic trends, as well as many other +'s But I can't think of a way to put these into the game ))

5. "Will this be publicly announced?": I don't think it should be announced per say, but I do think it should be available to see whose trading with who. I think a chart of all the trade agreements should be available to anyone who wants to look for it. Similar to how you can check to see cards that are currently in effect in a tab.

I am not a moder but I would love to see this mod developed as it would add a lot to Diplo games, any takers?
Trade Mod: 2/8/2021 09:04:46

Level 60
Making some sort of trade mod has always been something I have considered several times. But I never got past the consideration part, because of all the concerns (and others) things that you mentioned.

Like, it's a pretty obv good idea that a diplomacy game should have trading. But from there to making a good mod has alot of a design challenges. I do like the attempt to flesh out a design thru
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