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Tech issue: replaying a level: 2/2/2021 15:28:40

Level 60
Greetings, all! Newer player here, running into an issue and figured I'd start here.

I just finished K-PX on idle, alternating between playing on my Android phone and my PC. No, I'm not addicted... why do you ask? :D

I decided to replay K-PX to try a couple of things differently and... wham!

When I launch on my phone, I get told...

"Sorry, a level that you are playing is from a newer version of the app. Please check the app store to see if a newer version is available. If it's not, you may have to play on your other devices until the new version of the app is published."

Except... I was *just* playing this level. I think. And I'm running the current version of the app... double-checked that. I've cleared cache and data and even removed and reinstalled the app.

Anyone have clues or thoughts? Or is there a better place to post this?

Tech issue: replaying a level: 2/2/2021 15:30:14

Level 63
PC version is more updated the App version.

If you started the level on PC, then you will be unable to play it in the App until the next update rolls out. Expect around a week.
Tech issue: replaying a level: 2/2/2021 15:30:18

Level 62
You started the level from your PC (which is idle version 14), then tried to play it on your phone (which is idle version 13)

You will have to wait for the app update to be released by google/apple, nothing you can do about it....
Tech issue: replaying a level: 2/2/2021 15:32:11

Level 61

Edited 2/2/2021 15:32:45
Tech issue: replaying a level: 2/2/2021 16:43:29

Level 60
Ahh.... thanks, all.

I'll have to make sure to start levels from the app, not the PC. Not sure why that hasn't bitten me before but it makes sense.

*edit* Now I know why... the PC version was updated yesterday! C'mon, app store approvals!

Much appreciated!

Edited 2/2/2021 16:46:27
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