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Race for the Lost Race: Galactic Summit: 1/20/2021 19:23:24

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
Curtains open, revealing 5 men sitting around a table. Emperor Cacao, Orannis the Destroyer, Darth Grover, Luftwaffle, and Emperor Justinian

Emperor Cacao lifts up his glass filled with tequila and he rings it with his silver spoon

Cacao: Gentlemen, I should say it reassuring that I have allies in case the Biased Alliance decides to... do something

Orannis: Well I'm only here because my Chaos Orb was cracked. Otherwise I wouldn't need any of you

Cacao: Stop talking about your Orb, we don't need negativity right now

Luftwaffle: I don't mean to interrupt this "conversation" but nobody has actually told me, at least, exactly who this Biased Alliance includes

Cacao: Well, I don't know exactly. We only know some parties involved

Orannis gave a confounding look at Cacao like he just said Tigers eat grass

Orannis: Cacao, we actually know all involved in the Biased Alliance

Cacao and Luftwaffle turn their heads to Darth Grover and Emperor Justinian
Both Emperor Justinian and Darth Grover nod their heads in approval

Luftwaffle: Well who is it, and why are they so dangerous like you said?

Dart Grover: Breath hisses deeply Your ignorance is a the weak link in our chain. Breath hisses deeply If you don't gain wisdom you will trip on your shoelaces like a 5-year old boy

Orannis: Yeah... I don't know what the fu** that was. Listen, Empire of Kilos, The Cata Cauda, 𝘝𝘌𝘙𝘕𝘈𝘓 𝘝𝘐𝘕𝘈𝘐𝘎𝘙𝘌𝘛𝘛𝘌, Berdan the 131st, Battle Master, Buffalo of the Union, Liechtensteiner, Knights Templar, and Shrek of the Swamp, they all make up the Biased Alliance. And all these races can harness Ruining Power
Cacao and Luftwaffle look at each other in shock

Luftwaffle: Wow, I don't know what Ruining Power is though

Emperor Justinian: Ruining Power is the ability to speed negative processes such as if you have rust on your ships or a simple cut on your body. There are only few Abilities in the universe that can counter this.

Orannis: Yeah, at least they don't have Hodop the Challenger on their side

Cacao: Who is that?

Orannis: He is the leader of a Solar system who's race can harness Havoc Energy, which produces an aura that neutralizes time-enhanced abilities

Luftwaffle: Wow! Do we know where he is at?

Orannis: No, we don't. Hodop appears with his Army when you make a contract with the Universe. You will challenge Hodop to Galactic Chess and the price for winning should be equal magnitude to the consequence of losing. And as you can realize, it is very risky to just go willy-nilly.

Cacao: Well we're eventually going to have to prepare to challenge him aren't we? I assume the Biased Alliance is preparing to do the same. This is just a race to reach him first.

Cacao stand up from his char

Cacao: Alright gentlemen, we must prepare for the challenge

Luftwaffle: So do we all agree to an alliance?

Darth Grover: Breath hisses deeply Yes

Cacao: Yep

Orannis: Yeah, I guess

Emperor Justinian: Looks like I don't have much of a choice

Cacao: Well, I think it is appropriate to call ourselves the Galactic Summit. All who agree say Aye

Everyone: Aye!

The Curtains close
Race for the Lost Race: Galactic Summit: 1/20/2021 23:46:26

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
Great story!
Race for the Lost Race: Galactic Summit: 1/20/2021 23:46:45

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
(If you don’t make another bit I will)
Race for the Lost Race: Galactic Summit: 1/20/2021 23:50:03

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
I'm still trying to figure how everything is going to piece together

Edited 1/20/2021 23:50:12
Race for the Lost Race: Galactic Summit: 1/20/2021 23:58:56

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
I understand that
Race for the Lost Race: Galactic Summit: 1/22/2021 17:02:31

Cata Cauda
Level 59
Cata Cauda, Head Science Director of the Cata Cauda Technocracy in the Large Magellanic Cloud (CCT) looks up onto a giant display acting as a windows upon the CC Cat (Feline ship class model Mark 5).

Cata Cauda is being joined by Vanda Vauda, Director of the R136 dyson swarm, the capital system and principal source of energy, science, and habitation space for the Cata Caudae.

Via the wireless link in CC's head, VV starts to communicate: "Director CC, our FTL recon swarms in the Milky Way have picked up signals of the Evil Alliance. It appears they are having a conference in the Sol System, Milky Way in this moment."

Cata Cauda raises an eyebrown: "Do we now know who their leader is?"

VV: "Positive Director, we have isolated the EM signals and identified Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe as their potential leader."

CC raises their second eyebrow:" Thats a bold title."

VV: "We have yet to find out whether thats an actual name or a mere title. However what we do know is that they have become wind of our weaponised use of Negative Mass Energy to bend the spacetime curvature."

CC: "Hmm, do they know any details?"

VV: "Negative my Director, however judging by the conversation, we have reasons to think that part of our technology has leaked to the Biased Alliance."

CC: "Well, we probably used our Quasi-Stellar Obligerator (Quasar class ship) once too often to obligerate star system."

VV: "Possibly...."

CC: "Well, thank you for the report in, VV, we will make use of it."

VV: "Yes Director, I have attached a full report in transmission! Hail the Cats!"

CC: "R136 system out."

CC opens up another communication link with Ata Cauda, General of the military components of the CCT.

CC: "General, I have attached a full report regarding the Evil Alliance in the Milky Way. Prepare the fleets!"

AA: "But CC, they dont call themselves the Evil Alliance, they call themselves..."

CC: "General, it doesnt matter. Assemble the fleet!"

AA: "Yes, General Director."

*End of CC's communication links aboard the CC Cat.
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