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'The Not Your Usual' Diplomacy Series - Catalogue: 1/20/2021 19:22:30

Level 55

Over the course of a few years of toying around with Warzone, I've created a host of awesome scenarios somewhere between alpha and first beta completed, but have yet to return to any project more than once. I'm hoping to hear here from interested players and volunteers as to which of these scenario/setting ideas would be most popular.

I'm looking for dedicated volunteers to not just play in these scenarios but test, give feedback, and become involved in the design process.

If you're interested in being added to the list, simply introduce yourself and mention so to KingEridani.

Okay, okay... so what is just so unusual?

The unifying factor of all of these scenarios is that they are like your usual favorite Diplomacy scenarios, full of flavor, giving suggestive initial conflicts, and long term balance. However they are unusually missing all the worst parts of Diplo RPs: the huge impact player drops, the real lack of anything to do but fight, and the long drawn out total elimination win by some obviously-coming snowball player.

The secret is that they utilize a non-partisan GM instead of immutable neutral territories to transform the entire map into something interesting and reactive. Each series contains a further innovation and selection of immersion-creating special rules on the role and rules of the GM territories.

Without further ado:

King Eridani's Not Your Usual: Diplomacy Series

(in no particular order)

  • Game (A)

  • Prehistoric Migration to North/Central America
    *Stance Mechanic (only may commerce, or only may attack)

  • Game (B):
    Upper Mesolithic Agricultural Revolution - Middle East
    *Evolution game.
    *Stats system that influences exacting, clear, fair evolution mechanics.

  • Game (C):
    Deus Vult - Crusader Kingdoms 1150
    *commerce as castles
    *limited players

  • Game (D):
    Kingdoms of the Bearded Vale (Sorry Romania)
    *A 'kings & peasants' set up with artisan guilds and lots of voting

  • Game (E):
    Sunset Amerind Wars - Alternate History American Colonization Team Diplo
    *GM-lite historical events
    *Side-board GM-expanded European Empires
    *Teams, with rules for rebellions and backstabs

  • Game (F):
    Mean Streets of Fort Harbor - RPG
    *Discord required
    *inspired extra turn mechanics from Tabletop RPG: Blades in the Dark
    *Side Mini-Game Scenario "Heists"
    *limited players
    *long turns

  • Game (G): Age of Blood: Doom of Valyria, Alternate History Game of Thrones Team Diplo
    *GM 'historical' events, and dragons.
    *teams, with expanded rules for alignment and backstabbing

  • Game (H): Rise of the Dawning Sun - 20 Years of Alternate WW2 in the Pacific from 1926 to 1946
    *GM historical events, but no neutrals
    *Slow declare
    *Mini-inclusive scenario, Warlord China

  • Game (I): Stand the Test of the GM's Time - Classic Age
    *this map is fucking fantastic and does what I've been trying to do with overlays for forever, but automagically!
    *Evolution/Elimination 14 players survive with maximum size, with new 'barbarians' every time.

  • Game (J): Carpocalypse 2031 - Road Warrior Wasteland MURPG
    *Discord required
    *My most ambitious scenario, with many innovations and experience from these previous scenarios. It includes but is not limited to

    * a pregame discord lobby for faction selection and 'Initial Deployment' bidding system, netting you more starting resources for a later pick.
    * an awesome huge map of Australia, meticulously planted with seeds for your own Wasteland story creation
    * reactive raiders in the GM deadlands, GMNPC and Player run mini-game contests that generate you money in the main game!
    * streamlined special mechanics that have an impact on play but won't drag it down
'The Not Your Usual' Diplomacy Series - Catalogue: 1/20/2021 21:03:25

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
Count me in
'The Not Your Usual' Diplomacy Series - Catalogue: 1/24/2021 00:02:00

Level 55
Which of these series would you be most interested in?

Cavemania (agricultural revolution) is a close to my heart. I have some ideas on how to streamline it and prevent it from "stalling out" for 2.0.
'The Not Your Usual' Diplomacy Series - Catalogue: 1/24/2021 00:32:19

Level 60
well if you need a player i can join as I like playing games
'The Not Your Usual' Diplomacy Series - Catalogue: 2/4/2021 16:20:48

Level 55
sure goralgn, I'll put you on the list.

But which of these scenarios would you like to play most?
'The Not Your Usual' Diplomacy Series - Catalogue: 2/4/2021 20:48:45

Level 60
Game (D) seems the most interesting

but its like asking me do you prefer to have the chicken or the meat in a kebab why not have both they are both awesome

Edited 2/4/2021 21:13:23
'The Not Your Usual' Diplomacy Series - Catalogue: 2/4/2021 21:02:09

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 59
If you need a reliable player for whatever scenario, i am ready to be recruited.
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