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Cacao: Origins Part 1: 1/20/2021 09:30:31

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
Cacao was born in Latte Rainforest to impoverished farmers. He however was banished from his town when he turned 14 as his community thought he was not "right in the head"

Cacao would later meet the idealistic Fan the Apostle in an extremist rally

Both Cacao and Fan wrote a book detailing what they thought the best course of action would be for the country
They both saw their nation, Natus Republic, as having so much potential

Cacao would repeatedly be incarcerated for spouting truthful rhetoric. The current government despised Cacao for speaking the truth
Fan would be working behind the scenes when Cacao spent time in prison

When Cacao turned 18 before the National Election, he was distraught that the results were obviously rigged
The people saw it was rigged, this prompted Cacao and Fan to create the National Patriot Party
The NPP exponentially grew in numbers as the current Prime Minister decided to restrict political free speech

With all this, the membership was rising although hidden from the Government officials. Cacao saw that the Highest Military Officers had grown impatient with the Minister

When Cacao turned 20 he and Fan secretly met up with Generals and Admirals. Three months later, the notorious day took place.
The Day of Five Thousand Suns happened, with the help of more than half the military, the Capital city was seized, the western industrious territories were seized, all anti-national electors were imprisoned and the Prime Minister was arrested and went missing.

The people were passive about this coup, they wanted it to happen. They wanted someone who could bring their country to greatness, someone to make their nation key global power.
Cacao then crowned himself Emperor and appointed Fan as his advisor

Emperor Cacao then declared their nation to be the Cacaoçian Empire
Cacao: Origins Part 1: 1/21/2021 07:36:53

Level 59
Your effort is admirable
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